4 Ways to Make Money From People Who Are LEAVING Your Site!

Oh no… are people leaving your site without buying?

Get used to it! In fact, an average of 99% of your first time visitors to your sales pages will leave without buying or even contacting you.

But don’t get upset. Get richer!

Use what’s called an exit pop. Now, I know pop-ups can be incredibly annoying. But they WORK. Almost all the people I know doing over $1 million each year online use exit pops in strategic ways to seriously boost their bottom lines.

Here are four ways to generate revenue from people leaving your website, using exit pops:

1. Get them on your list.

Because most people will not buy from you at first visit, it’s extremely important to have a way to follow up with them. After all, they’re already interested in what you have. That’s why they’re at your site! So these people are worth their weight in gold to you.

But how to follow up? Well, here’s where your ezine comes in. Your ezine list is your key to ongoing revenues and generating income on demand.

One of the best places to get people on your list is actually as they’re leaving. It’s kind of like the “Columbo” strategy como usar dizu of your website. (What did he used to say on the way out the door? Something like, “By the way…” or “Oh, one more thing…”)

These exit pops often work BETTER than a pop-up that appears as soon as someone lands on your site. Why? You give the visitor a chance to get to know you first, before you ask them for their email. Let them take a look around, grow to trust you and your website.

One of my exit pops says, “Congrats… You’ve Won a FREE Subscription!” It has an eye-catching graphic representing my ezine and gives a raving description of it as well. Also the opt-in form is right in the box, which you always want. Don’t make folks have to click around to sign up.

From what other marketers are sharing, the “congrats” exit pop is one of the all-time best performing exit pops for building your list.

2. Ask them WHY they’re leaving.

Why not find out the reason they’re leaving in the first place? For example, one of my exit pops says, “WAIT – Can I ask your advice? Please tell me the biggest reason you’re leaving without giving my ‘Boost Business With Your Own Ezine’ (boostbizezine.com) system a try. I’d really appreciate it, and your answer is completely anonymous. Thanks.”

I looked for the most popular answers and then made some adjustments to my sales page. For example, several people said, “I don’t have a website yet.” So I revised my sales copy to include the fact that you don’t need a website to get started publishing an ezine.

Knowing this kind of information will help you make a LOT more sales down the line!

Yep, that’s right. Offer me something for less m0ney. After all, I’m leaving anyway, with my wallet! Example: My “Boost Business With Your Own Ezine ” (boostbizezine.com) system is a physical product, but for several months I tested a down-sell of a lower-priced digital version with fewer bonuses. I also configured the exit pop to appear only if the person had been on my sales page for at least 30 seconds, so I knew they were serious about the product and not just on my page to take a peek.

The tactic did pretty well, making me about an extra thousand bucks a month that otherwise I would not have gotten! That won’t make me rich, but it sure helps cover my take-out sushi habit. I’ll be testing some other down-sells like this one too. (Remember, it’s all about trying new things and seeing how they work for YOU. That’s what’s so fun about Internet marketing!)

4. Send them to someone else’s site.

Really! But not just anyone’s site. Send them to a site with products or services that are related to yours, AND that will give you commission on any referred sales! That’s called an affiliate program, and there are millions of companies doing it on the web. If you don’t know of any websites that are related to yours and have an affiliate program, search the two biggest directories: ClickBank and Commission Junction.

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