Hypnotherapy and You!

son? The hypnotist puts the individual into a state of unconsciousness and gives the command for example “when I touch my tie you will sneeze!”

Now at the point in time the individual does not realise this has happened as he was told to forget the command, nevertheless just as sure as he takes a breath of air; when the person ACCEPTS a hypnotic command, he or she will follow it through to the end. Not logically, but at an un-conscious level.

The mechanics behind this are as follows:
Part of your mind known as the Analytical mind will process information based on rational decision. The other part coach sportif paris of the mind, the un-conscious mind runs in the background. For instance you don’t think about eating a gone off food, you just understand not to eat it. Nature or un-conscious programs? When we think about the mind, we generally believe that we have full control over our thoughts; this is sadly NOT true.

For example perhaps I am running ten minutes late for a work meeting because of a traffic jam! Whilst logically I may conclude that “this is not the end of the world” or “these things happen”. Nevertheless what if I start to panic. Start to get stressed, start to swear or start to pull my hair, THE LIST IS LONG. Why am I really pulling my hair? As we learn more about the mind, we conclude that we certainly have an un-conscious mind.

There are many theories behind why; this does not change the fact we have one. This un-conscious mind holds ALL INFORMATION THAT YOU HAVE EVER ACCEPTED. Your mother may have constantly told you all men will beat you, this may well be buried deep in the unconscious mind and may cause you to fear all Men. It is not logical, it is simply conditioning. From the moment you are born you are learning; learning how to love, how to live, how to survive in this world.

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