Make Money Performing Magic – Where?

Magicians and variety entertainers have many venues (places to do shows) that pay anything from extra income to a handsome living.

At the top of the heap is television in the form of the occasional special and Las Vegas/Branson floor shows. Most magicians have a long way to go before they get the kind of resources they need for these venues. It takes a ton of money to mount a show like that. It takes money to make money.

The next rung down is performing at resorts and theme parks from Disney World to the large regional theme parks. You can actually get one of these gigs with a small show.

Below that is specialty venues like The Magic Castle, Magicopolis in Santa Monica, Monday Night Magic in magicien Nice New York, The Magic Island in Houston and the California Magic Dinner Theater.

The happy news is there are places that are almost as high-paying that only require yourself and a few small props. Think corporate.

The best money for the walk-around entertainer or magician with a small stand-up act is in the corporate world. Companies have ample budgets for promotion, marketing and entertainment that all could use your services.

Banquets, Farewell and Holiday parties, sales meetings (of the rah-rah type), promotional shows at dealers and retail outlets, and trade shows all need your services. You will often find magicians at most of these events working the crowd.

You must be professional and not mind doing the same act many times over each day. You must be on your feet a lot. but the money can be outstanding…$1,000 to $3,000 per performing day depending on your clients, act and reputation.

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