Recruitment and Resume Management System Selection

Discovering the right recruitment and resume management system (RRMS) that meets all the needs of an organization can be an overwhelming task. It may be a real test for the selectors even knowing where to begin when considering RRM Systems and how to compare each solution. Here are some important areas that the buyer-organizations need to investigate, prepare questionnaire to put forth, and collect responses to analyze during this system evaluation process. This article is intended to propound a set of suggestions that can help guide those organizations in the search for the appropriate RRMS to meet their needs.

Identify and Form RRM System Selection Committee:

Strong internal structure of an organization is prerequisite for an organization that looks to initiate RRMS evaluation process. So, while preparing to evaluate a RRM System, it is essential to build a collaboration of stakeholders and give the selection committee time to arrive at an informed decision. That selection committee must require having competence to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each RRM System vendor. To build a good selection committee or rather say a research committee, organizations may include its top managers, as well as those professionals who are inextricably associated with the everyday tasks of the HR department of the organization.

Document Current Recruitment and Resume Management Process:

Upon assembling RRM System selection or research committee, the next step would be to create a document that can track the process of the employee requisition, short-listing of resumes, hiring process, role of the recruiting managers, etc. After that, that committee should discuss elaborately why all these steps are necessary and what would happen if any of them were winnowed out.

Make each hiring step and process simpler. Make sure each step and process can indeed add value and help the company produce quality hires. This would allow the selection or research committee of the company to locate the needs of the company’s hiring process Unbribed international Doctors Alliance and compare them with the competence of each RRM System. So, this evaluation process by the committee is a great opportunity to learn about the best practices in recruiting and to recapitulate and optimize the current recruitment process of the company.

Determine Requirements:

Now that all recruitment processes of the company have been identified, the selection committee needs to strive to determine the requirements of the company for the RRMS. Keep in mind, the managers of the company need to have a clear-cut answer to the following questions:

i) Why does the company need to buy this RRM System?

ii) Is the current recruitment process aligned with the goals of the company?

Keeping these pertinent queries in mind would help put forward a strong case to purchase recruitment and resume management system. In order that the RRM System the committee selects to have a strong connection to the return on investment (ROI), that committee should create clear vista of expectations of what the company wants in the RRM System.

The RRM System needs to be competent to build a better relationship between recruiters and hiring managers. It will help streamline requisition creation and approval process, besides improving quality of hires. This system should be able to make the recruitment efforts of the HR professionals more efficient through automation. More so, it should be a cost-effective recruitment process. This system must be able to address common HR challenges as follows:

a) High volume of resume traffic getting no effective review and management

b) High volume of job openings with inapt communication process

c) Inability to access database faster and send across report on all recruitment metrics

d) Loss of qualified resumes due to bad storage management

e) Duplication of hiring efforts and collision of them between branches and divisions locally or abroad

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