Know About Corrugated Boxes

Basis of Corrugated Boxes:

As you will know more about corrugated boxes, you realize that nothing is “basic” about these boxes. Any box prepared from three sheets of paper is a corrugated box.

Corrugated boxes are prepared keeping in view the specific needs of the product/s which is/are to be packed. While designing these boxes, transportation risk like vibration, shock waves, compression and moisture are also kept in mind. Packaging companies do not only keep in mind the specific needs and a requirement of the consumers and retailers, but cost is also a major consideration in this process. Companies try to keep the cost of these boxes at a possible minimum level to make logistic budget within the limits. These companies also consider specific product characteristics, consumer needs, logistic needs, transportation needs and machine capabilities while preparing a variety of corrugated styles.

There are following types.

1. Regular Slotted Box:

This style of boxes is very common. In this, all flaps are of the same size from score to edge. These are best to ship small individual items, like mugs, cups and books.

2. Corrugated Trays:

Basically these are trays to place different objects. These will be your best choice when the visibility of product is the prime purpose. These are also used for easy handling of the products. Actually, these can be used as displaying trays because products placed in these วิจารณ์มวย trays are vividly visible to the customers. These trays are ideal for food and beverage industry. Bottled water, snacks, bakery items, soft drinks and bulk packaged processed foods are placed in these trays.

3. Die-Cut Custom Corrugated Boxes:

These boxes are erected exactly according to the specifications given by the customers. Since these can be prepared according to the size of the product, the name custom box has been given to it.

You can discover all models available in the cardboard boxes. You can select a box that best suits your needs.

Custom boxes are of vital importance to the world of packaging. These boxes have the quality to adapt to the size and shape of the product which you want to transport. Due to their exactly fitting-in quality according to the size of the product you will save your logistic costs. It also allows customization of carton thickness to ensure adequate security and safety of the product contained in the box.

Unique products having specific requirements are packed in these boxes. These are best as “cosmetic products box” or “gift product box”.

4. Box with overlapping flaps:

These boxes have overlapping flaps to close the box. Due to overlapping of flaps, these boxes offer greater resistance than traditional boxes with flaps. If you are worried about transportation of your long products, these boxes present a solution to your problem. These are perfect fit for transportation of large and long products. Heavy and voluminous items like pipes, tents, rolls of cloth and heavy machinery can be packed and transported in these boxes safely and securely.

5. Roll End Tuck Top:

No glue is used in these boxes. When assembling these unglued boxes,these need to be folded. These boxes are best solution for packaging and shipping small items. These are ideal for vitamin packaging, coffee packaging, retail packaging and tea packaging.

6. Box without flaps:

The boxes without flaps are multifunctional. You can not only transport goods through these boxes, but, by having an open top, you can store products and view the contents of the box easily. You may have accumulated many products in your store and do not know where to put them? With these boxes, in addition to easily transporting items, you can use these boxes for storing items in them and have them prominently displayed. You will easily find these items when you need them.

7. Five Sided Box:

These have five faces as a single box, unlike traditional having five sides. These five sided have a higher resistance and higher puncture weight. In addition to this, these are ideal for transporting very long products such as aluminum pipes, poles, canopies, antennas, beams or cabinets. These are also ideal for carrying utensils. You can also transport items for your favorite hobby such as golf. In short, with this you can carry all kinds of long objects safely and securely.

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