Social Media for Business (12) – 3 Ways “Yelp” Can Give Your Online Reputation a Much Needed Help!

Social search is a great opportunity for small businesses to shine and boost their online visibility. When a user conducts a social search related to your business, they get a list of local businesses that others have rated and reviewed.

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It goes without saying that ratings and reviews are huge credibility boosters to your business because they are given by happy customers and neutral third parties who are complementing your services out of the goodness of their hearts. Would they sound believable to those who never used your services? you bet!

That’s why; it is definitely a smart move that you jump in and work on enhancing your online reputation by getting positive reviews from social sites. Yelp, Judy’s desk, Insiders Pages and SmallTown are the most popular social search sites. These sites have come long ways in detecting spam reviews or trashy competitor reviews! So, you can rest assured that being effectively present there will enhance your band awareness and online reputation. Here are 3 ways you can leverage social reviews for optimal results Judi Online.

1. Build and Maintain Customers Loyalty

Many business owners are completely obsessed about acquiring new customers, overlooking the great value their existing customers can provide. Think about it: one satisfied customer would bring you tens of customers if s/he was really happy. So, instead of looking outside, offer superior services to your current customers, follow up with them, show them genuine concern and appreciation that they have chosen to business with you, and, above all, make them feel and taste the value of your services. This way, they would end up believing that they have made a sound choice when they used your services.

If you managed to do all that and then requested that your loyal customer give you a positive review on yelp, s/he will be happy to share the love with the rest of the world. This one review will keep bringing you many more customers in the future.

2. Give Positive Reviews to Other Businesses

Be active in social search communities and give positive reviews to other businesses particularly the ones that target the same niche but are NOT competitors to you or some of your hot prospects if you offer B2B services. Reciprocation is ingrained in the human nature. Chances are high that they will return the favor and some of them might be tempted to try your services. In doing so, make sure your review is realistic and not over the top

3. Repurpose Your Positive Reviews

Repurposing here means leveraging your positive reviews outside the social search sites. For example, you can use them offline on your brochure or add them to your testimonial page on your site. Repurposing testimonials will allow you to hit two birds with one stone. On the one hand, more people will know that your services are great. On the other hand, some of your other happy customers would give you more positive reviews.

It is definitely worth your while to tap into the social search scene, making sure to always maintain positive reviews. As a result, you will create effective web presence and your sales will skyrocket. Good luck!

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