Dummy CCTV Cameras: The Answer to Home Security?

Dummy CCTV cameras have a lot of potentially attractive features but are they the answer to home or office security? They may have a part to play in the overall security strategy of your property but seven factors should be considered before installing one or more dummy CCTV cameras.

1. Appropriate, Realistic and Cost Effective. Whenever you are considering any home security modification to your property – not just the installation of dummy CCTV cameras – always think ARC. That’s A for Appropriate, R for Realistic and C for Cost effective. Are dummy cameras appropriate for your needs? What is that they are trying to protect? Do you simply want a deterrent effect or do you have expensive items that need protecting? If the later is the case then perhaps a real CCTV or a burglar alarm system would be more appropriate. Is the product you are considering installing cheap and does it look cheap (there is a world of difference between cheap and inexpensive), or are you going over-the-top with an unnaturally large camera housing similar to those used in town centres or public car-parks.

2. Deterrent Value of Dummy CCTV Cameras. The major reason for installing fake CCTV is usually to do with deterring offenders from entering your property. Clearly dummy cameras are more likely to have an effect against the opportunist thief who may see one and decide not to risk venturing anywhere near it. cctv camera In that respect the decoy camera has done its work. However, the committed burglar is going to be well aware of the prevalence of CCTV, real or otherwise, and will invariably take measures to hide his or her features such as wearing a peak cap, a hoodie or even a mask.

3. Costs. Cheap dummy home CCTV cameras tend to be cheap looking and it is not advisable to buy them. If possible choose a company that uses the same housing for their dummy cameras as their real cameras. Invariably this will mean they are that bit more expensive but it should be money well spent.

4. Warning Signs. There is no requirement to install warning signs in the UK however, I would recommend warning signs are appropriate here. They can be PVC type that fix to the wall or even stickers that can be stuck on the inside of windows near to the camera. However, please don’t exaggerate the claims of the camera on the sign. What do I mean by this? Well a simple sign stating CCTV in Operation will suffice. I recall my days as a police officer when I saw a situation in an isolated village where the local council had erected a dummy CCTV camera in an area by a graveyard where they had been having problems with local youths. The sign intimated that it was being monitored 24 hours a day. Needless to say the youths didn’t believe the sign and so didn’t believe the camera was real either.

5. Installation of Dummy CCTV Cameras. One of the advantages here is the ease of installation. Invariably, all that is required is some ladders, a few screws and raw-plugs with the job being completed in a matter of a few minutes. Some dummy cameras do have added features such as a cable that can be fitted into a conduit to make it look even more real and I do think this is a good idea. Other features such as a flashing LED operated by batteries inside the housing look good and may be worth considering for home security purposes.

6. Supplement Existing Real Systems. It may be that you can use a dummy camera to enhance an existing real CCTV system. Whilst real cameras are sited to capture evidential images, dummy cameras could be positioned in locations that offenders are likely to notice first.

7. Internal or External. It may be an obvious point but please don’t forget that a camera for internal use looks different to one for external use. The difference between them may not be immediately obvious especially when viewing them from a web page. When considering dummy CCTV cameras for external use, please check the manufacturers recommendations and don’t install a unit designed for internal use.

In conclusion, dummy CCTV cameras may have a role to play in overall home security however, it is recommended that they only be installed to maximise existing security levels. Relying on them as a first line security measure is not recommended. If you have any questions about dummy CCTV cameras or if you want to compare dummy CCTV cameras before making a purchase please use the contact details shown below.

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