The Importance of Balancing Hormones

Blood sugar levels impact how your mind and body is able to function throughout the day. By learning how to balance two very important hormones in your body you can help yourself feel more energized throughout the day.

The first hormone is insulin, a hormone secreted from the pancreas responsible for opening the cells in your body so the sugar (glucose) in your blood can enter. Glucagon is a hormone also secreted from the pancreas responsible for balancing insulin and thus maintaining a steady level of sugar in the blood for up to six hours. Insulin is secreted when carbohydrates are digested and glucagon Blood balance when protein is. Now if you consume a meal solely made up of carbohydrates your body will secrete insulin that will continue to move sugar from the blood to the cells until your body is in a state of hypoglycemia (low sugar in the blood). Your body interprets the low blood sugar levels as potential starvation and will go to emergency mode burning healthy tissues for fuel and storing fat for future use. However, if you eat a meal with both carbohydrate and protein, both insulin and glucagon will be excreted balancing the levels of sugar in your blood allowing for the body to remain fueled for longer periods of time.

Here are common symptoms of hypoglycemia:
Brain Fog
Sweet Cravings

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