Maternity T Shirts Are So Much Fun!

As my pregnancy bulge grew, I realized that my old shirts were not appropriate for my changing body anymore. They only accentuated my changing body with their tight fit. And I wanted to have some fun. That meant casual clothes that would be comfortable to wear and some of those goofy maternity t shirts – you know the ones with all the funny wording!

Funny Anime Shirt Japanese Manga Kawaii Gift" Kids T-Shirt by biNutz |  Redbubble

Fortunately, a good friend of mine told me about how she found some maternity tees she loved online, and from then on I had it made. These maternity tee shirts looked great on me! They conformed to my new curves in all the right places, and I got a couple of cleavage-baring shirts that accentuated my now-generous breasts.

Another thing I liked was that the maternity tees looked like they were made especially for my body Funny Anime T-Shirt. They definitely did not look like my husband’s shirts! Or for that matter, the extra large shirts I could have purchased from the plus-size department which would have just hung from my body.

In addition to the fact that I looked especially good in such specialized maternity t shirts, I definitely could not find fault with the variety of designs I could choose from. The colors ranged from pastel shades to bold hues, which I wore depending on my mood and the occasion. And the prints were awesome! I had a choice of prints in abstract, text, flowers, and animal forms, to name a few selections.

Pregnancy can be difficult, especially with the physical symptoms of morning sickness, headaches and nausea as well as the emotional feelings of insecurity and happiness see-sawing almost daily. Still, it is all worth it. And having some fun and cute tees to wear seemed to make some of those symptoms go away.

Just please don’t neglect maternity tees with crazy wording! Especially fun are the custom ones with your name on them. I mean, someone even gave me one that said, “Knocked up by Wake.” (Wake’s my husband.) Obviously I couldn’t wear that everywhere – but I loved it! (And so did he.)

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