How to Find Out If You Have a Soul Mate

Did you ever think that the party you love was in fact your soul mate or at least someone you knew from a preceding life?

There is an outlet to stop pondering and find out through past life regression. Go back in time and discovery who was in your life lifetimes ago.

A twenty- first century couple, Susie and Mike of Orange County, California insistent to find out during hypnosis if their lives were coupled in the past and if they were actually soul mates.

In the introduction of their friendship they experienced several serious coincidences and wanted to find out for certain whether there was a past link between them.

They both had commented numerous times about how spiritual they thought their meeting was and whereby there seemed to be a tie-in amidst them in some uncommon way.

One Sunday evening, rather than go to the movies or out to dinner, they stayed home for an evening of hypnosis. Susie has a certificate in hypotherapy and was satisfied to put it to use.

If they had not shared so many coincidences, they most likely would not have felt pressed to bore into a potential past involving the two of them. Before they began the hypnosis procedure, Susie explained to Mike about the subconscious mind and by which it is a storage bank of memories that includes each thing that has ever happened to an individual. Every conversation anyone has ever uttered, every experience, every relationship is held somewhere in the recesses of our subconscious.

Hopefully, her now partner would be apt to extract past life memories that were gathered in his mind. Mike was not wholly convinced of the idea of prior lives but was questioning enough to go ahead with the hypnosis to find out if they might be soul mates or at least if they had been compelled to meet.

The beginning hypnosis meetings and those that followed were more rewarding than either of them could have imagined. Throughout the sessions, Mike spoke in a dim voice as if vocalizing was a challenging chore. He was an extraordinary subject, being very pictorial and able to impressively go back in time. He was capable of picking up well-defined details regarding his surroundings, and he could also recollect other particulars when out of the hypnotic state. For about eight weeks they conducted past life 情緒輔導 regression sessions. Mike’s knack to recall memories came just as effortlessly as opening a window to a specific time in his past. The remembrance, particulars and emotions flooded him upon waking and sometimes even days later.

Susie and Mike unearthed that they were two people who lived in the 1930s-Elsie Wilkins, an self-supporting thinking teacher and John McDonald, an apprentice architect.

The account Susie wrote, Lifetimes Ago – A Love Story Inspired From Past Life Memories takes place in 1934 in Rensselaer, Indiana. Elsie Wilkins meets John McDonald-a man unlike any other. After feeling an immediate and strong chemistry, Elsie cannot take her eyes off him. It’s official?the clean-cut apprentice architect has just swept the independent-minded teacher off her feet. Even though the fact that Elsie is still married to a man who abandoned her without warning, she and John begin a sincere romance as all social mores fall away. As the Great Depression continues to force havoc around them, they feel no love other than for each other. Just when their crush transforms to a strong love, Elsie’s husband makes an appearance and abruptly, the cheerful future they have in the making together is jeopardized.

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