Google Optimization Without Breaking the Bank

To find love with Google you must find love with your readers and this is easily achievable if you give them both what they want. There are millions of people looking for solutions to their problems everyday and the search engines are looking to provide them with these answers. This is where you can be loved by both parties, your only task is to make it easy for everyone to find your solutions and there are some simple steps to achieve this.

Speak in the language of your readers and you will meet them half way, after all the words they are to using to open the door to their solution are the ones that you can provide for them. Google has updated its free keyword tool and it would appear that it is not very effective for finding these words anymore, however if you show Google some love you will find out that this is not the case.

I recommend that if you do not have a Gmail account that you get one, this is the best way to get the full potential from the updated keyword tool. When you re-visit the Google keyword tool, do as you would normally do and search for a phrase, when you have seen the results log into your account and repeat the search, this time you will be allowed to see all of the results. This of course means that you can focus on the words that your readers are using whilst reducing your competition at the same time google优化.

Do not take Google optimization too far, there is a balance to be struck, you could eliminate all of your competition but then you would have to wait for your single customer to repeat the search using the same keyword. You could of course create 8 billion websites but that is obviously not a practical solution!

Once you have found the words that balance search frequency against number of competitors you are ready to use these for Google optimization. One of the easiest and best ways is to use them in your links.

I use WordPress to run my sites and all of the categories are specific keywords that my target audience are using on a daily basis, thus whilst my site may not make sense to someone outside my interest group. To those within it, each section is perfect for them to find the solution they are looking for. There is also the added bonus that when I do come to write fresh content I am reminded of the phrase that my readers expect to find in this content and I thus will use this to engage with them and meet their expectations.

This of course brings us to another important factor in optimizing your site. You of course know that Google loves fresh content; however what it really likes to see is regular fresh content. There is no point placing 2000 posts on a site on day one and then abandoning the site for 6 months before you place another 2000 on there, yes you have provided fresh content but they want to see that the site is being maintained. With WordPress this very easy as you can schedule your post publishing dates which means of course that you can still place 2000 articles on your site but now you have them trickling out onto the Internet over the 6 month period.

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