How to Wear: Stacked Rings

Rings are understated fashion accessories but also have the power to add panache to your ensemble and glitz up. They are now evolving as trends that one just cannot miss or rather ‘resist’. Rings are among those jewelry pieces that every woman should own. Gone are those days when cocktail rings were statement making pieces. Now people are ditching the huge statement rings and are embracing lightweight rings.

What Are The Ways To Wear Men's Rings? Are There Rules?

Stacked rings as the name rightly suggests means wearing or stacking multiple rings on a single finger. Since the rings are going minimal, the quantity of rings is going higher. Stacked rings are becoming a must-try trend. It is slowly coming in the limelight and is grabbing attention without screaming ‘I am big and I need attention’. It is like they are commanding it without doing much. There are no rights or wrongs as to how many rings you should stack at a time. It’s all about creating something unique. Wearing a ring on every finger can be a bit tricky. If you are one of those kinds who can rock just about anything, go ahead! But if you are not that much of an ace when it comes to fashion, do avoid stacking rings on each and every finger ý nghĩa đeo nhẫn. That will flat out make you look like a hippy. That is fine if you are looking to adopt that style.

Mixing different materials and metals while stacking your rings makes it look rich and that you’ve put in some thought and creativity and time. Play around with colors and textures. Don’t be afraid to mix gold, rose gold, platinum or silver. They add a variety and make you look like a true fashionista. Mix different sizes like bands with thin rings. You get the drift, right? An ornate ring can be mixed with ‘barely there’ rings.

Minimalistic rings can be mixed with an oversized cocktail ring. They are enough to draw that needed attention. If going over the top is not you, then you can simply stack multiple thin rings and look effortlessly chic. Sterling silver ring or a thin gold ring or a band is something that looks timeless. Another way to add a rocking edgy twist to this is to stack on some midi rings. Midi rings are rings that are worn halfway just above the knuckles, usually a centimeter above.

Fashion is about expressing yourself without having to communicate. So style this trend and express your individuality with these fashion rings. When your friends are swooning over the latest designer jewelry, you just find yourself scrunching your nose? If yes, then maybe it’s time for you to go custom. What better way than to get your rings customized? Customized jewelry has its own charm. They make you feel loved, isn’t it? Somebody took the time out to understand your dream and turns it into a masterpiece. They are unique and raw. Customized jewelry lets you get your dream vision turn into an arty reality and that is your personal designer jewelry.

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