Distance Learning Forensic Psychology Course

Those who work in the area of Forensic psychology are 法醫心理評估報告 involved in applying psychology to the law, and recognising the mental functions associated with criminal actions. They are sometimes known as ‘criminal psychologists’ or ‘investigative psychologists’. Forensic psychology is frequently though of as relating to the investigation of crimes and the profiling of offenders. Although these are features of forensic psychology it does involve many other aspects including the evaluation, treatment and prevention of individuals committing illegal offences. As well as working directly with those who have committed crimes Forensic psychologists also work along side other authorities and specialists associated with the Criminal Justice System.

A Forensic Psychology course should allow you to follow a research viewpoint and methodology to forensic psychology, starting with a short introduction to analysis techniques accompanied by a brief overview of statistics for research. The course should also look in to the psychology of violent criminal acts and allow the learner to carry out their own research into the relationship between specific mental conditions and violent crime.

Continuing on through your Forensic Psychology course the act of serial murder should be explored taking time to look into the numerous explanations and causal elements which have been suggested by experts and theorists as important factors in the development of a serial killer. You should apply what you have learnt during each module along with the information you have gathered during your own research and create a 500 word report that explores the personas of 3 serial killers of your choice. You should focus on the similarities and differences between the characteristics of the 3 serial killers in comparisson to well known stereotypes (which professionals believe often slow down crime investigations) highlighted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and explore these concepts.

A Forensic Psychology course should also cover the relationship between different types of crime and substance abuse including violent offences, acquisitive crime, psychological conditions and responses from the government regarding substance abuse. Again the learner should carry out their own investigation to show they have understood the topic. In this particular instance the student should assess the effectiveness of The Government Drug Strategy by focusing on a local scheme for substance intervention.

Another important topic of study is the serious crime of child abuse here the learner is required to research cases of child abuse and the Roman Catholic Church. Once again it is necessary for the learner to combine information gained from both the course material and their own further investigation to complete a 500 word assignment. This time the assignment asks you to look at the effectiveness of governement and media reaction and response from the Roman Catholic Church itself and to detail how academic theory and research explains how these crimes could have happened over such an extended time period.

The learner then learns about what happens in the courtroom exploring offender accountability and psychiatric defences. Research the student will carry out in this instance would be on the Yorkshire Ripper murders and the resulting trial of Peter Sutcliffe. The 500 word assessment will examine the courts finding in regards to Peter Sutcliffe, and debate whether evidence for the case was generated in order to indicate that Sutcliffe was mentally unstable.

Subsequent to these topics the learner will look further into psychiatric disorders which have been used as defences in criminal trials including; Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Amnesia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The learner will then carry out research into Multiple Personality Disorder.

The Forensic Psychology programme proceeds with a concise assessment in to eye witness accounts and the evidence provided by children, which learners again will pursue their own investigation to further increase their understanding.

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