Know Your Warehouse – A Guide to Warehouse Storage Systems

Today’s importing/exporting, wholesale, and freight shipping industries need storage space to protect valuable merchandise, and they need it fast. Handing logistics from freight receipt to freight ship often includes a brief period of non-movement for which finding the right warehouse space to rent is a chief concern. Today there are options to securing temporary storage, and facilities to solve any unique shipper’s need. From refrigerated units to temperature-controlled warehouses; the best-informed shippers know their options and are successful at storing their freight properly until time to move.

Locating the right warehouse to store your goods means the difference between your product being placed in consumers hands, to ruined merchandise and costly dips in profit. Before you begin checking for warehouses, get to know the types of warehouses available and their storage system so you can be sure the location is a proper fit. Easily damaged merchandise will require special handling, as will raw materials and finished goods.

The most common warehouse storage systems include: pallet racks, mezzanine, cantilever, industrial shelving, and automated storage and retrieval systems. We’ll discuss each 迷你倉 option briefly so you can get an idea of your ideal storage. Remember, when in doubt, contact the warehouse directly to answer any questions particular to the goods that you will be sending in for storage.

Pallet racks are probably what you think of first when you think warehouse storage, and these include double-deep, pushback, and gravity flow pallets as well as selective, drive-in and drive-through.

Mezzanine storage systems are structural, roll formed, and rack or shelf-supported and generally made from steel, fiberglass, or aluminum. In warehouse storage, you’ll typically find mezzanine storage systems formed near the top of the building where buildings are taking advantage of the storage space near their tall roofs. Warehouses work hard to maximize each square foot of their storage facility and mezzanine systems are ideal.

Cantilever storage systems are racks made up of a vertical column, a base, arms, and a horizontal/cross-brace. Made from roll formed structural steel, you’ll most find this storage system in place where warehouses see a lot of plumbing material storage.

Industrial shelving storage systems are your typical warehouse shelves. Mostly made from metal and steel, although some include wood materials, this simple solution to storage creates organized systems with easy cataloging.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS for short) are single masted, double masted, or man-aboard types and it’s important that you know which one your warehouse uses if it has an ASRS system in place. These computer-controlled storage methods automatically place and retrieve loads from programmed locations, and are best used in high volume stowing and retrieval demands are present within tight space constraints. With vertical or horizontal carousels, vertical lift modules, and the ability to retrieve loads of any weight, ASRS systems are highly-efficient because they can reach as far up and out as the warehouse space requires thereby maxing out the square footage of the building.

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