Top Four Reasons You Should Not Buy Links For Your Web Site Promotion

There are a lot of web site and blog site owners who are willing to pay out any amount of cash they can find in their budgets to pay to shady promotion sites that are all too happy to take their cash and deliver a link to a big player in the internet world like YouTube or Problogger. These desperate site owners really have not a clue as to what damage they’re doing to their financial budgets. There are at least five other really good reasons you should never pay to link your site to anybody else’s besides the financial risk, so let’s get right to the first and probably biggest reason:

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1. YOU RISK GETTING PENALIZED BY THE MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES You have read that correctly. If you need certifiable proof that this is not wrong information, just go visit Google’s guideline rules and read about the terms involved with their search ranking system. It specifies that they consider buying text links to be in violation of their said terms. If your site is fairly new and you don’t think you have much of a shot of getting listed with the major search engines otherwise, you take a big risk in buying a link to a huge website like, but is the gamble really worth it? And if you do have a business site or blog site that has been around for a while, you really risk a lot more because it has a direct negative impact on your bottom line in securing a really good search ranking to your two-year old or older website ΠΡΟΩΘΗΣΗ SEO.

You cannot know if your rankings really will improve until you buy the links, which means you assume all the risk of the known penalty with no knowledge of the outcome or reward.You need to think of paid links as advertising to the readers of the site where the link will reside. Nothing more, nothing less. Forget rankings. Is the site a logical place where the readers who encounter your link might be inclined to click on it? For example if your site sells video games should you link to a huge site like if they don’t have anything to do with video games? The answer of course is no, so be sure you are linking to a site that pertains to you site’s content, or you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

2. RECIPROCAL LINKS ARE THE #1 BEST WAY OF SITE PROMOTION Now that is a big factor in deciding how smart it is to buy a link to somebody else’s high-traffic web site, mainly because of the fact that they will not keep the link up longer than the time specified in the buyer/seller agreement you signed with them. But if you can get somebody to link back to you for free, that main link will last you a lifetime as long as the site you linked to is getting a decent amount of hits from your site as well.

A good way to find a perfect site to link up to yours would be to always do a Google search on the product or service you are selling, or what your main blog’s topic usually is on any given week of the year. You can then search for that product/service/blog site topic, and locate the top ten listings that come up on the first Google page and research exactly what those sites have in store for your clients or subscribers to your site. Does the site deal with the same subject matter that your site does? Does it bring a real value content to your subscribers? Are there too many pop-up ads on the main page that will annoy your subscribers if they go to this site to check it out? You must have real answers to these questions before linking up to them for free, much less having to pay for a link page that your site visitors will hate!

3. THE BEST SITES TO LINK YOUR SITE TO ARE FREE! One of the best reasons to avoid paying for those links is the fact that most foundational links that you can build your web site on are free. What exactly are foundational links you ask? A good definition of a foundational link would be a directory site link that describes exactly what your web or blog site is in perfect detail, letting you build other links to sites that have to do with your specific subject matter in the future.

Some of the best directory sites for this purpose are: Ezilon, JoeAnt, Best of the Web and GoGuides. There are certain key elements that all of these directory sites have in common that are very beneficial to anybody looking to start building high volumes of traffic to their site. One of those key elements is that they are all human reviewed, meaning you don’t have to use tags or keywords to get a good link set up from these guys. They rate your worthiness of being linked to their directory site based on your description of your site only. As long as you make the case that viewers to their directory will find something worthwhile on your site, you are basically in after they do the actual work and visit your site to see if you are describing your site correctly, that is.

4. DIRECTORY SITES ARE ALREADY INDEXED IN THE SEARCH ENGINES This ties everything up that we began discussing in the first paragraph. Since the main reason you were wanting to buy a great link in the first place was your desire to be included in search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, as long as you are linked to a really popular directory site, you are as good as there already! These sites rank very high in all of the major search engines, along with the smaller ones like Lycos and Aol Search. So as long as your site is listed among the higher rankings in the individual site directories categories that are relevant to your site or blog, you will get a substantial number of new visitors to your site overnight.

Another great benefit in being directly linked to a directory site such as Ezilon or GoGuides is the fact that they always maintain quality listings. This works for you in two different ways. Firstly, because all their listings have the highest quality standards, all their visitors to their directory listings will bookmark your site into their favorites at a much higher rate than if they just stumbled on your site by accident. By being listed in a high-quality directory, it gives your site a high veneer of quality that otherwise would not be visible to those many people just surfing around the web.

The last great thing about these directory sites sustaining their quality listings is that they keep contextual advertising to a bare minimum so you don’t have to work about annoying your own visitors if they click on the link to one these directories.

So you can start to see how you should always look into every possible method of getting free site promotion whenever possible and never pay for anything if you have the chance if you can avoid it. Your web or blog business will always benefit more in the long run when you do abide by these strict rules.

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