The Flat Belly Solution – Why It Appeals To Women

The Flat Belly Solution, a diet plan created by Isabel De Los Rios, appeals to women because it is simple, educational, and effective. The women I talked with said it is the easiest to stay on because it gets results. Success breeds more success.

For too long, women say their diets work well for several weeks, but then they hit a plateau. Fat loss comes to an abrupt halt and discouragement sets in. Feelings of disappointment and being inadequate manifest themselves in mindless eating. In another month, the pounds and inches have returned.

The Flat Belly Solution, however, seems to be different. Here are the reasons given to me by the group of women I talked with:They DO NOT see the Flat Belly Solution as a diet. Isabel’s simple principles of eating evolve into positive lifestyle habits.Women Okinawa Flat belly tonic learn to eat consciously. They now know what is going into their mouth and how it will affect their bodies.Isabel is adamant about getting sugar foods and processed foods out of your current diet. They are destructive to a woman’s health and her spirit.The foundation for her program is eating foods produced naturally (by Mother Nature), not those chemically and structurally altered by processing companies.You will learn how to discover your personal metabolic type, and be able to choose the exact foods that most benefit your fat loss goals.

Minuses Are Pluses In The Flat Belly Solution PlanThere is NO calorie counting.There are NO complicated ratios (protein/carbs/fats) to calculate.There are NO portions to weigh or measure.There are NO expensive supplements to purchase.

It is readily apparent that the simplicity, sensibility, and effectiveness of the Flat Belly Solution all contribute to its appeal to women. Word-of-mouth has made it an extremely popular nutritional plan to help women lose belly fat and keep it off forever.

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