Botox – Lunch Hour Cosmetic Procedures

You get your hair cut at lunch. You go to the dentist during your lunch hour. You even hit the gym for a quick workout and a smoothie. So, why not brighten your look over lunch. We are all busy with work, kids, dinner and family time and it is hard to squeeze in those “just for me” kinds of things. Sometimes the lunch break is the only bit of free time people have and many make the most of it. Botox ushered in the era of the “lunch hour” cosmetic procedure and now, there are even more procedures to choose; from smoothing lines, plumping lips and getting rid of sun damage. So, what exactly could you have done and what will it do for you?

Derma Fillers

There are a variety of products, collectively called derma fillers, on the market that fill mild lines to deep wrinkles. As previously mentioned, getting Botox is one of the most popular lunch-time procedures. Botox is used to fill in those dynamic wrinkles that show up whenever you smile, frown or show emotion.

Collagen injections are popular as well as products made from hyaluronic acid gel. These fillers can all be done in minutes and can fill in moderate to deep wrinkles, plump up the lips and even help smooth out some acne scars.

Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Several procedures fall under the category of lunch hour skin resurfacing – peels, micro dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. Because these tend to be a little more traumatic to the skin, the Derma Prime Plus treatments are generally mild and require several sessions to get the desired results. This is done so that you can return to work without the redness and swelling that accompanies stronger procedures.

Two popular chemical peels are glycolic and salicylic acid peels. The results are not apparent for a couple of days because the skin has to actually peel off. Your dermatologist may give you a moisturizer to help hide the dry flaking skin as it comes off.


Microdermabrasion is a little more aggressive, but it can be performed with a gentle touch. This procedure basically sand-blasts the skin, scraping the dead cells off the top and then vacuums it up. You may have some redness afterwards, but the results are readily visible as new healthy skin is revealed and the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots are reduced.

New technology now allows for laser resurfacing to be done at lunch without revealing a thing. Unlike other lasers that vaporize skin layers, these non-ablative lasers work under the skin to stimulate collagen production. It works really well for lines around the eyes and mouth. The down side is that it takes several months for collagen to reproduce and create volume.

If you decide to use your lunch hour to rejuvenate your face with Botox or a little micordermabrasion, make sure you have an experienced cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist perform the procedure. Just because it can be done in a few minutes doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong. That lunch time secret will be obvious to everyone if things go awry. That is definitely not the look you were going for!

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