Why Small Condoms Result in Better Sex

The Myth Of The Large Penis

Popular culture would have you believe that anything less than an 8 inch penis means you are terribly inadequate. Movies, magazines, and surveys all perpetuate the myth that men are larger than they are. Condom manufacturers even go along with this. The average condom is about 7.5 inches long.

The real fact is the average penis is about 5.5 inches long and studies have shown almost 30% of men have erections that are shorter than this. Now that the penis length myth has been debunked, let’s debunk the condom size myth.

The Best Way To Choose A Condom

Many men choose their condoms based on penis length. In fact, girth is the most important measure when it comes to the fit of a condom. Condoms that are too loose slide off, resulting in a higher possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy. Condoms that are too tight constrict blood flow, resulting in decreased 避孕套價錢 pleasure and less powerful erections. It is obvious from these facts that condom width is the most important measure when selecting a condom size.

The average condom is made for men with a girth of around 5 inches; however, 50% of men have erections that are more narrow than this average. For those men, using average sized condoms is dangerous because they will be too loose.

Instead, if you have an erection that is not as big around as the average condom, you are much better off considering a small condom, also known as a “snug fit” condom. It makes it much more relaxing and worry-free to enjoy sex without fear of the condom sliding off. In addition, the snugger fit allows you to feel more of the pleasure and sensation because you do not have the extra latex material like you would if you were using a condom that was too large.

Intense Pleasure And Safe Sex

Feeling more pleasure is especially true if you select one of the ultra thin condoms on the market. The “ultra thin” label refers to the thickness of the latex material. Many of the average condoms are nearly double the thickness of the ultra thin condoms. Despite being thinner, Consumer Reports did a study and found that the ultra thin condoms were just as strong and reliable as the thicker condoms. Since the thin condoms offer just as much protection and much more intense pleasure, it really makes using an ultra thin condom an easy decision.

Buy Condoms Online So No One Knows Your Size

Despite knowing the facts about real penis size (not the mythical sizes popularized in the media), many men are embarrassed to purchase snug fit condoms, and their sex life suffers. There is an easy way to overcome this. Online condom stores offer a way to order condoms shipped directly to you so you can avoid any embarrassment you might feel going through a checkout line with a box of snug fit condoms. These stores ship your condoms to you in unmarked packages so no one except you knows what is in them.

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