Information About Trucking Accident Insurance Claims

It is estimated that over 10% of all fatalities in vehicle accidents involve a tractor trailer. 18 wheelers and commercial trucks are over 10,000 pounds in weight when empty and up to 25,000 pounds when full. When comparing this to an average mid-sized SUV at 4,000 pounds, it’s obvious that these vehicles can cause tremendous damage to the smaller vehicle.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a tractor trailer accident, you will likely face damage to your vehicle and may possibly be experiencing physical pain. If you have had any pain, it is important to visit a doctor ASAP. Without a doctor visit, it may be difficult to prove to a court of law or an insurance company that you have suffered physical injury.

Damage to your vehicle that isn’t covered by your insurance may be recovered by the insurance company that covers the truck at fault. When attempting to work with an trailer insurance insurance company or trucking company, it is best that you consult an attorney. Often times, the cost of an attorney will be less than the additional amount you can recover with the help of legal assistance. Insurance companies know that they can get away with a much smaller settlement if the claimant is without legal representation – get the full amount of your claim by contacting an attorney.

Insurance payments can include settlements for vehicle damages, doctors bills, pain and suffering, physical therapy, loss of income and more. In many cases, your medical and living expenses will come before your settlement. Some attorneys will advance you money to help with these needs, with the expectation that it be repaid when your settlement or payment arrives. Additionally, most attorneys will not require upfront payment for personal injury claims; instead, they will be paid from a portion of your award. In the event you get nothing, the attorney also gets nothing – providing incentive for attorneys to get you the biggest settlement or award possible.

After an accident you should never speak to anyone, admit any guilt, agree to any settlement or sign any paperwork involving the accident before speaking with an attorney.

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