Learn To Play Guitar Online – Guide On How To Hold A Guitar Correctly

When you start to learn to play guitar online you first need to learn how to hold a guitar. Since there is no one watching you and point out your mistake, it’s essential that you clearly know how to hold a guitar correctly.

You can choose to sit or stand to play guitar. This is the nice thing about guitar. You can see musicians on stage walking around and playing guitar; you can also see people just sit around the camp fire and playing guitar. Either way you choose should not affect your playing and your tone.

So how to hold a guitar correctly? What are the perfect postures for playing guitar?

If you are a beginner I suggest you to start with sitting position. Because when you sit to play you can maintain your guitar in an easy playing position. A lot of people sit when they practice and stand when they perform.

How to hold a guitar in sitting position
When you play guitar in a sitting position you basically need to make sure about the following few things:

How to rest your guitar? If you play classical guitar, you need to rest the waist of the guitar on your left leg. And you need to raise your left leg a little bit by using a guitar foot stool, this is the traditional way. You can also use a support arm to instead of it. A support arm is use to raise the guitar into the classical position and your left leg can remain on the floor.

And if you play acoustic guitar or electric guitar, usually you need to rest the guitar waist on your right leg. Some people do cross the leg, but I don’t suggest it for beginner. Just slightly separate 온라인홀덤 your legs. Then lightly resting your right forearm on the bass bout of the guitar. Your left hand should be totally free and can move to anywhere you want. Don’t use the left hand to support the guitar.

How to hold a guitar in standing position
You must have a strap to play guitar in standing position. Use the strap to fasten the strap pins and adjust the guitar into the position as when you sit. Have a look from mirror, don’t you think you look very cool?

The key of playing stand is the height of the guitar. You might notice that some rock musicians let the guitar hand very low on their body, they might look cooler but more difficult to play for some difficult positions. Try different height and find out the most comfortable height for you. Playability is more important than how you look.

One thing I have to remind you is never use any old or bad quality straps if the wholes are too large for pins. Think about it if you are playing on stage and if the strap slips off a pin. What will happen next? There is chance that you can catch your guitar if you are fast like Bruce Lee. The guitar is not made to bounce as The Who has showed you many times. So why take the risk instead of paying for a new and good quality strap

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