Solei Bar and Lounge, Melbourne, Australia – Review

Solei is a moderately sized club with a retro-meets-modern look to it, and while the modern look definitely prevails over the retro look, the retro aspects of Solei will gain peoples interest. The front end of Solei has mostly blank grey walls that give the place a minimalist look, and with the bar equipped with cheap drinks and tequilas at the front too, patrons just entering the place will probably ignore the back end of the club at first, wanting to get themselves a drink to start off the night with. There are a few tables with stools as well as couches and a big screen TV to watch around the front end of the club for those wanting to chat with their mates in peace before heading off to the dance floor, and also a smoking room for those inclined to have a puff. lounges melbourne

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The retro aspect of the club is mostly at the back end of the venue, though it does creep into the front end with KISS and Rolling Stones plaques, as well as old school fuzzy round white chandeliers above the bar, and funnily enough That ’70s Show just happened to be playing on Channel 7 on the TV at the time. The dance floor at the back end is where most of the action is, decorated in a hippy fashion with big black swirls on a white floor that look cool, and a lit up white bird cage is there too for some reason.

But despite this old school image, the music the patrons will be getting down to is anything but old and probably fits in more with the modern look of the front end of the bar to interest the musical taste of the mostly young crowd. Current RNB hits like The Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Time Of Your Life’ and Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl’, as well as standard nightclub dance music, do not exactly scream retro, though other songs like ‘Catch You’ by Kosheen is a decade old now, and ’90s hits like ‘I Like To Move It’ by Reel 2 Real would qualify as old school music.

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