The Trust Quotient – Is Your Website Ranking High on Trustworthiness?-Part 1

Building a website is easy, building trust is difficult!

That’s what, suave internet marketers believe. If you too want to see sales move up on a rocket trajectory, its time you too start believing in the importance of trust building and start working on ways to increase it.

Move up from the mundane Many; first time Dot comers plunge in to internet marketing arena with a single point agenda and that is to create the most beautiful site around. They take many pains to develop a website that’s having flash, animation etc. They believe being beautiful gets them business.

Others of the same class approach the same stick from the other end. For; they keep the design aspect minimalist and stuff all pages with text (content) and that too a content heavy with keywords. Imparting no importance to the creation of crisp, mission focused content.

This is what most people do, it’s the mundane approach. But the important question… is it the right approach? Does it help in enhancing the credibility of your online business model?

The answer in plain simple terms is NO!

Website Credibility Building a credible website is no rocket science, yet it’s no mean subject either. This subject delves deep into the realms of human psychology and web usability.

So how to go about it and create a website that’s not heavily dependent on one aspect of the game; yet comes out as a credible, trustworthy entity? Let’s take a look…

  • Professional Design: The websites design should have a professional feel to it. It need not be flashy in nature but; yes it should be neatly done. Irrespective of the color used, care should be taken to ensure that the color combination is subtle and not the on the face kind.

Although animation and flash makes your website look good, they don’t actually contribute to your websites trust score. They at best make the visitor feel that you are too eager to impress him with these antics. So, it’s best to keep their use at the bare minimum, if not completely avoid them. Additionally, special care must be taken while developing the navigational flow of the website. It’s important for trust building because, a website that has very easy navigation ensures that a visitor gets to any page of his choice with ease. Thereby, giving him the impression that the website is very open, forthcoming about its contents and motives; its human psychology at work!

  • Content Quality: Some Internet Gurus’ love to hate the adage “Content is King”. But, for every person who doesn’t believe that content is king, there are ten people who will shout out ทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ from the Eiffel Tower that “CONTENT IS KING”. Common, we don’t have to be Bill Gates or Larry Page to understand why? Its simply because, content is what we read, its what tells us about the company, its product, its philosophy and more importantly in today’s search engine driven web space, content is what the search engines feed on.

That’s why, while developing the content for your website, utmost care should be taken to develop content that’s in tandem with your user profile and product type. It’s important because, the content should match with the sensibilities of your target age group. For e.g. If you are selling funky stuff and the latest fashion accessories targeted at the youth, the language used must appeal to them. In such a website, writing Shakespearean stuff won’t take you any ware. Additionally, you can attract the search engine spiders to your website, if you have unique content that has the correct keywords in the right proportion. Needless to point out here that the content should be grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes; a content low on these aspects fares really low on the trust quotient. Continued in part 2

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