Plastic Cards

I was captivated, when, in the late sixties I first encountered a Plastic Card’ in the flesh’ (so to speak).

If you’re thinking that I must have been living my life under a stone you’d be half right. I was in my early twenties with a young family to feed, self employed, having to work seven days a week, scraping a living in a tiny workshop charging too little for my services.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was due my first encounter with a Plastic Card and it would eventually change my life.

I presented to a customer what was at that time (to me) a substantial bill (£90). The customer said there might be a problem with a £90 cheque so would I accept three £30 cheques each reward card printing of which could be guaranteed via a ‘cheque guarantee card’.

This customer’s card was the first card made of plastic I had ever seen and it was love at first sight. I know this must sound weird, – sad even, and it wasn’t anything to do with the design on the card, it was the shape, size, thickness and perfect proportions that captivated me.

It turns out that maybe I wasn’t so weird after all, in fact it may have been a supernatural premonition that my future was indeed ‘on the cards’.

Fast forward forty years – I’m still self-employed but with a significant difference:

I have a 9000 square foot office/factory complex that houses my firm ‘Concept Card’. We are a substantial force within the Business Card industry having produced millions of high quality Plastic Cards over the years and we remain to this day dedicated to finding the best possible solutions for businesses that are looking for Plastic Cards.

My love affair with these cards is still alive. If I happen to be walking through the studio when a potential client is discussing their Plastic Card Project, I can’t help taking an interest regardless of whether they are looking for 200 or 200,000 cards.

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