Tips For Summer Horse Riding – Apparel, Hydration and More

Summer is an excellent time to ride. The weather is beautiful, show season is in full swing, and everyone wants to come out and see your horse. Of course, it’s also about 100 degrees outside, the shade is nonexistent, and no one remembered to bring water. It can be fun. It can also be deadly. Equestrians can follow some basic rules to prevent disaster, enabling them to enjoy their horse in hot weather without undue risk or hardship 건마.

Most animals will maintain proper hydration, given the opportunity. People must make a point of carrying and drinking water regularly in order to stay hydrated. Animals shed their winter coats; we must follow suit by using lighter horse riding apparel. We should also use lightweight horse tack to allow our mount’s natural cooling system to function properly. Riding in the early morning, instead of in the middle of the afternoon, is another way to stay safe and comfortable this season.

The Proper Horse Riding Apparel For Hot Weather

Yes, it’s hot – but shorts and flip-flops are not acceptable around the barn. Riders should still wear paddock boots, some type of breeches, an appropriate shirt, and an ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet. Hot weather horse riding apparel is made from lightweight, breathable fabrics that wick away moisture, helping the body to stay cool. Lighter colors reflect the sunlight, making them cooler than darker colors. While a tank top may seem appealing, a nasty sunburn is all it takes to learn the value of a long-sleeved cotton riding shirt. This horse riding apparel allows you to move freely while staying as cool as possible.

Horse Tack For Hot Weather Riding

Using lightweight horse tack is another way to help them stay cool and safe during hot weather. There are two major opinions when it comes to saddle pads in hot weather. Some say thinner is better as they dry faster. Others claim thicker fleece saddle pads are better as they provide better protection. Whichever seems to work better for you, it is important to keep it clean and dry to protect both the animal and saddle. If you have a lighter English saddle, this is the time to use it. Even a couple of pounds less can make a big difference in the heat’s intensity. Any horse tack that can be left in the tack room should be left. Grooming For Health And Comfort

Grooming in summer helps remove insect eggs and larvae, as well as dust, dirt, and dead skin cells. A good, stiff currying can remove potential problems before they get started, and your mount will love you all the more. Hoof care is more important than ever in summer as, in our attempt to keep our animals cool, we are tempted to leave them standing in water more often than we should. Stalls, corrals, pastures, and arenas must be kept dry, and hooves must be cleaned out frequently to avoid fungal infections. Wash racks must also be allowed to dry out completely to prevent thrush and other forms of foot rot.

Eating And Drinking Properly For Summer Fun

Summer heat often robs us of our appetites, leading to low blood sugar. Low blood sugar can result in poor judgment and uncharacteristic emotional outbursts, neither of which is good or safe. As much as we love them, animals of this size can cause serious injury without even trying. Even more important than food, dehydration can sneak up on a rider before they even realize they are thirsty. Humans lack an effective thirst response. More often, you will crave protein or carbohydrates when your body actually needs water. Riding in summer is physically demanding, and you should consume at least a full gallon of water each day. Only by carrying water with you and sipping regularly can riders be sure of staying properly hydrated.

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