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The Toronto Blue Jays are hoping to build on last year’s success and make a deep run into the playoffs, but they haven’t exactly made the most of chances so far. Instead, a look at the Toronto Blue Jays schedules for this year makes for some depressing reading for their faithful fans. With the schedule in hand you can begin to see how much potential the Blue Sox have in their division, but the more pressing question is whether the team will be able to sustain that success. Let’s take a look at how the season has been for both the Blue Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Boston Red Sox opened the season with a blockbuster trade that sent ace pitcher Chris Sale to the Toronto Blue Jays. Sale was a player that the Red Sox was expecting to contend with in the AL East, but the addition of David Price and prospects such as Jackie Bradley and Rafael De Los Rios pushed the Sox into the top spot in the Eastern Conference. Now that the Red Sox have dropped to a low run of form, the Toronto Blue Jays has moved right in with the top dogs in the division. The Toronto Blue Jay’s schedule gives them an easy route to the wild card game, but it remains to be seen if they can keep up this pace.

The season is full of games between competitive teams that could mean Toronto Blue Jay tickets could be hard to come by. For instance, the only games between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays scheduled for Toronto are April 7th vs. Texas and the Toronto Blue Jays home opener against the New York Yankees on April 9th. These two games combined would bring the Toronto Blue Jackets up to a total of three against the Rangers and three against the Yankees in their respective schedules. If the Blue Jackets can get hot at any of these crucial points in the season, they could be a big story in the league.

The Texas Rangers is the worst team in baseball, and have the worst record in the entire National League. This is despite having a very solid core of players that have been productive in recent years. In fact, some have suggested that the Rangers would fare better in the playoffs simply based on how they’ve managed to stay afloat so far. On the other hand, the Toronto Blue Jays is in a transitional period, playing under the same roof as the Texas Rangers. It would be interesting to see how the teams would do against one another given their circumstances.

The Texas Rangers is the worst team in baseball not only in attendance but in performance as well. Most often, when the Texas Rangers takes the field, fans in Toronto remain seated until the team comes out to play in another game. Given their recent slump in terms of results, there is little reason why Toronto Blue Jay tickets should be any more expensive than regular tickets sold at regular venues. Even with the current conditions, ticket prices have remained relatively consistent, which is good news for those who are planning to make the trip to Toronto in order to cheer for the home team.

The Toronto Blue Jays play at home grounds, which feature the most seats to allow for maximum viewing. For example, the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs, features a total area of 9 stadiums that allow for over four hundred thousand fans every single night. The stadium is also divided into different levels and sections, allowing for maximum convenience for both fans and players. With many large screen television sets located within the ballpark, it makes buying Toronto Blue Jay tickets a snap. Even if you are planning to travel to Toronto to attend one of the games, it would still be worth your while to buy tickets for the Rogers Centre because of the excellent amenities that are available to visitors.

Due to the fact that the Toronto Blue Jays play in the very competitive American League, they always aim to produce a top-notch quality product to their home fans. All seasons past, the team has produced a number of memorable moments that have thrilled both die-hard baseball fans and viewers who are unable to attend games. Most notably, in the recent season, the team’s offense managed to score more runs than ever before. This was a huge boost for the team, which went on to reach the World Series trophy for the first time in twenty-two years. The winning player in that tournament was a three-time All-Star selection, so it was a remarkable feat for the Toronto Blue Jays to win such a crucial game, especially since the team had never reached the playoffs with a record that low.

As you can see, there are no lack of support in Toronto for this team and this reason as well as the fact that they play in the most difficult division in all of baseball. Even if the team does not perform at its best, Toronto Blue Jays Tickets will still provide you and your family with countless hours of entertainment. There are a number of factors that influence ticket prices, but Toronto Blue Jays Tickets is worth it considering what they represent. In addition to a great experience while watching your favorite baseball team play, buying Toronto Blue Jays Tickets makes it easier to afford a ticket when it comes time to attend a Toronto Blue Jays game.

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