MBK Shopping Centre – The Shoppers’ Paradise

Bangkok is a city featuring a modern world of affluence circling around a tranquil traditional core. Amidst the Urban bustle, the glitz and glamour of large luxurious shopping malls captivates you. That is the very reason why shopping in Bangkok is a delightful and a thrilling experience to anybody let alone shopaholics. the lustrous chrome and dominant size of these stylish, air-conditioned and all inclusive malls capture any traveller’s attention instantly only to carry them away in to a world of obsessive and flattering shopping, be it designer clothes and accessories or jewellery. The experience is said to be equally exhaustive, and potentially exhausting with a wide variety of things to buy. You are bound to be spoilt for choice.

Enter the Bangkok’s most legendary shopping mall, MBK fancied by both locals and tourists alike. Items ranging from clothing, leather products, luggage and handbags to mobiles, furniture, cameras, electric appliances and stationery are stacked up here spreading throughout eight floors containing 2,000 shops 레플리카.

Popular for selling goods considerably less expensive, MBK centre is a beehive of activity and offers a plenty of bargains for the eager but budget -conscious customers. These aspects make it worth including on your shopping agenda.

The shopping centre does not consist only of shops; most floors’ aisles and walkways are lined with handcart stalls, and exhibitions, sale promotions or other events are often carried out at the centre of the ground floor. A number of digital printing studios, beauty parlours, tailor shops and hair salons can also be found here.

After a tiresome yet exhilarating shopping spree, shoppers can head to the sixth floor and get a snack at MBK food court, where relatively cheap food ranging from deli-style salad and noodle outlets to pre-packaged sushi sets will allure your senses. Here you can either take home or sit down for a quick scrumptious meal.

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