Shopping Malls and Markets in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in the North of Thailand in the province of the same name. It is a modern city with the ancient roots which are still visible there. Because of the location of the city near the highest mountains of Thailand and on the river Ping, there are many beautiful places near the city. But because of the strategic location Chiang Mai have been in control of many trading routes in the North of Thailand. This might be one of the reasons why the city has been famous shopping destinations for many years.

Chiang Mai is still famous for shopping. A lot of people from all over Thailand visit the city’s markets, malls and shops. There are also a lot of foreign tourists visiting Chiang Mai. It is estimated that every year between 1.4 million and 2 million foreign tourists visit Chiang Mai. Many of them come here for shopping. There are also a lot of foreign businessmen and businesswomen who come to this city to buy Thai handicrafts and arts and send them for sale to their home countries 레플리카.

So if you come to Chiang Mai where should you go shopping? Almost everywhere, because the city is full of malls, markets, shops and boutiques. There are at least 15 markets in the city. The city is also famous for its many workshops. It is a very important center of Thai arts and handicraft. There are many boutiques in the city that specialize in selling quality antiques and furniture. There are also quite a few interesting art galleries in the city.

The Night Bazaar

The Night Bazaar is probably the most famous place for shopping in the city. It is located at the intersection of Chang Khlan Road and Loi Khro Road, but when you get there you will see that the Night Bazaar is huge and it sprawls in every direction from the intersection for two blocks from it. You can do your shopping there on the streets, in the buildings and even on the temple’s ground.

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