Make Security Your Business

When I do a small business security check, I always start with the exterior of the building checking the fences, gates,walls and entrances for upkeep. A run down building exterior with lots of obstacles and materials lying around can be an invitation to a burglar.

Check air ventilation systems and gratings for easy burglar access. In some cases you may have to install heavy grills or bars over those vulnerable areas bollards for driveway.

Concrete barriers like planters, curbs or my favorite, bollards (concrete posts) are effective in stopping vehicle attacks. It’s always a good idea to consult your landlord or the city for permission to install this type of security.

Examine all exterior doors carefully, checking for solid core construction and no less than 13/4 inches in thickness. Make sure all exterior doors have at least two number one grade deadbolt locks on all entry doors and drop bars on non entry doors where allowed by the fire department. Make sure mail boxes are not located near the lock areas.

Laminated glass is an effective way to add strength to glass areas, you may also want to consider securing your windows with metal grills. (You must check with the fire department before adding grills to windows).

Another effective option are roll shutters which over the last few years are becoming a favorite with several business owners. Please keep in mind if you decide to install roll shutters, a vehicle could still penetrate them, so team them up with concrete barriers in those vulnerable areas.

Don’t forget about your roof! All access routes to the roof should be restricted. In some cases you may have to incorporate measures to prevent burglars from scaling the walls to gain access to the roof. This is done by keeping trees near the building well-trimmed and making sure all fire escape ladders are secure.

Skylights, open fan systems or vents should be checked for easy entry and secured with internally fitted bars or security grills. Make sure you abide by the cities bylaws when deciding to secure these areas.

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