Selling Futures Options As an Investment Strategy

If you could make good money every month on a small amount of your investment account capital would you be interested?  What if it was easy to do but hard to understand?  Would you still want to learn how to do it?

I am guessing that you probably would be very interested.  Well, the secret is out, all you need to know is how to sell futures options and get that premium credited to your account immediately.  Yes there is risk involved and you could lose money if you invest 선물옵션 with futures options but there is risk in everything investment oriented, even US Treasury investments such as T-Bills and T-Bonds.  The smart investors have a trading plan and stick to that plan and want to keep the money that is credited to their account. 

The wonderful thing about futures options is that it is like owning an insurance company.  How is that you say?  Well an insurance company takes in insurance premiums from customers based on their risk assessments.  An auto insurance company would reward good/safe drivers with lower auto insurance premiums because they are less apt to get in an accident and have no history of claims where as a teen ager that just got his/her license and has no history but his/her predecessors have a bad history of accidents and tickets, their premiums are higher in cost because of the chance/risk of accidents/claims.  As a futures options investor we want to stick with the safe drivers and stay away from the teenagers (Yes there are some safe teenage drivers but there are more than some unsafe teen age drivers).  We want to be earning that premium that is less apt to have a claim/loss against it and pocket the premium as profit and wait for the premium check the following month.  This scenario is a great way to help the novice investor and whet their appetite to learn more about the power of the futures option as an investment.

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