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What’s a Telescopic Security Bollard?
September 27, 2021

A telescopic safety bollard is just a retractable bollard that locks into place when needed. It is also made to reduce into the ground when perhaps not used, allowing vehicles to pass over. But what else do you want to understand about any of it ingenious product?

What’re the benefits of a telescopic safety bollard driveway bollards ?
They hold persons and areas secure
With terrorism ongoing to present a substantial risk in the UK, maintaining persons and areas protected is critical. That is particularly correct as there is a rise in terrorist problems applying vehicles, with many situations designed to mow down pedestrians.

Crash tested telescopic safety bollards are extremely strong and have been designed to tolerate facing the power of a car impact. Indeed, crash rated telescopic bollards are some of the very trusted bollards within our selection, having PAS 68, IWA-14 and hostile car mitigation tested to resist the power of 7.5-tonne impact. Therefore, they could prevent bad owners from carrying out such attacks.

What’s more, since they withdraw when perhaps not used, our public spaces stay functional for different vehicles when necessary.

Discover more about how crash-tested bollards are supporting to prevent terrorism.

They assistance with traffic control
Telescopic safety bollards may be used to relaxed and control traffic. As an example, bollards may be used to control access to pedestrianised streets, areas and other places – while still giving delivery/maintenance vans accessibility when required.

They end persons stealing parking spaces
Organisations and residential developments usually use retractable telescopic safety bollards to ensure unauthorised owners don’t take car parking spaces they are perhaps not called to.

They provide a secure and accessible option
Because telescopic safety bollards are completely retractable, they don’t present an obstruction or trip-hazard when perhaps not in use. That can be a huge benefit in parts with pedestrian access.

How does a telescopic safety bollard function?
There are many different kinds of telescopic safety bollards. And we’d be pleased to speak through the most effective choice for you and your needs. But, for the absolute most portion, telescopic safety bollards are fitted somewhat deep underground. This provides them the necessary strength to resist a car piling into them.

Telescopic safety bollards lock into position when raised, either information or automatically. They also withdraw completely underground when perhaps not used, leaving a clean and remove to the ground finish.

Frequent areas to put in telescopic bollards
There are always a number of different places that use telescopic safety bollards to control traffic. Three of the very common are:

Distribution bays. For an organisation to operate successfully, distribution vehicles mustn’t be restricted. Telescopic safety bollards offer the perfect option – particularly in pedestrianised spaces
Villages & cities. More and more councils are experiencing to implement anti-terror procedures to help keep busy spaces safe. Telescopic safety bollards are playing a crucial position in regards to ensuring pedestrian protection
Parking spaces. Having persons park in your driveway or function parking space is just a actual pain. Telescopic safety bollards ensure your assigned parking locations are merely used by individuals you provide accessibility to.
Installing a telescopic article
Telescopic bollards are suited to most ground forms, nevertheless you do require the best resources and expertise to put in them correctly. Therefore, we would strongly suggest that you make fully sure your telescopic safety bollards are fitted by a professional.

Do all safety bollards search exactly the same?
No way! Telescopic bollards can be found in a broad selection of styles, products, completes and colours. So, you can match your traffic difficulties without diminishing the look and sense of the spaces you want to protect.  What’s more, at Macs, our telescopic safety bollards come with:

Bollard tube color matching to blend in together with your marketing and environments
Incorporated blinking lights and clear sounders for additional presence and protection
Why select Macs telescopic safety bollards?
With projects around the UK, including the supply of telescopic safety bollards for residential and professional premises, regional authority pedestrian parts, metropolitan regeneration projects and hostile car mitigation systems, we have a system to match your needs. Whatever they may be.

Our telescopic selection offers you complete control over your bollard security. And, we have one of the fastest transformation times on the market thanks to our pre-installation assessment.

In regards to telescopic barriers, each and every product is tested thoroughly before leaving our factory to ensure maximum operation. And, after shipped, our experienced and experienced technicians may install your brand-new telescopic safety bollards with the minimum of disturbance to the encompassing area.

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