Tax Deed Tips – An International Investors Perfect Storm

Timing is everything. If there ever was a perfect time for an international investor to think seriously about owning a chunk of the USA, then this is it!

The property market in the USA is about to enter the ‘Perfect Storm’.

A combination of a…

  • severely depressed property market,
  • high unemployment,
  • very little savings left (if any) to the average US citizen,
  • and a weak US dollar.

…has created a unique opportunity for international investors.

If you are living outside the USA and would like to own a share in the ‘big corporation’, then take a serious look at deed sales.

Buying a tax deed presents very little risk, as most of the liens attached to a property are wiped out at the tax deed sale. Many of the steps to owning a tax deed property can be conducted from your own home via your computer.

Invest a little money in a professional tax deed course and learn the step-by-step processes required to perform when can you file taxes your due diligence on prospective purchases. Once you have learned the steps, you will find that almost all of them can be done online.

Set up a (LLC) Limited liability Company in the USA for taxation purposes, and you are legal. You can do this online for less than a grand, and in 3 to 4 weeks can start investing.

Find a US-based associate that is willing to act for you as a bidder, and you will soon own some of the USA!

Tax Deed Treasures is developing a property trust of affiliated US-based investors, designed with the international investor in mind, and is assisting interested international parties with LLC formation, US-based registered offices and bank accounts, to help interested investors conduct business in the USA.

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