Get a Condom, Forget the Regret

In an AIDS care centre, there were a few people walking around. Some had a lost look in their eyes, some smiled at us as we tried to strike a conversation and some looked at us with curiosity. While I found a man was willing to talk, I asked him about his family and children. He said that they hardly came to see him. He tried putting the regret he felt in words, “I betrayed them.”

This is the scene at many of these centers where people suffer for what they didn’t do right when they were young. If only, they had used a condom.

Condoms are often swept aside of conversations. They are hidden in cupboards and if children find it, they are often given a dressing down. But do we need all this control and regulation when as adults, we may not be the best examples of restraint and control?

Condoms signify a topic that needs to be discussed in wider circles, even with children. The other day, there was a movie which showed condoms being distributed in the senior clas 後庭塞 of a school. A kid’s movie shows that but we aren’t ready to open up and talk about it.

There are even couples, who probably have sex every night, who do not talk about this. A man buys his condoms, wears them, has sex and throws them away. He doesn’t even probably know that a condom should not be flushed down the toilet. More talk about condoms and their necessity may prove to increase their being widespread.

Condoms are available in a striking range today. It’s not just about sizes. There are textured ones – dotted, lined and ribbed. There are flavored condoms – banana, chocolate, vanilla and the like. Some flavored condoms are meant for oral sex. You need to check carefully whether these can be used for other penetration.

There are colored condoms, super thin condoms and even those that allow men to last longer.

Nightlight has even introduced a glow-at-night condom. Imagine the fun that comes from wearing that.

Often, people dispose condoms in the most inappropriate way. To flush it down the toilet is to make more work for you. Chances are that the condoms will clog your toilet drainage or the septic tank, both of which would be equally unpleasant.

Take a little care while you dispose of condoms. The best way would be to wrap it in tissue paper and dump it in the garbage bin. If you are a true environmentalist, use only latex condoms, which are 100% biodegradable.

Including the wearing of the condom as part of the foreplay wouldn’t be such a bad idea while making love, as it would not only increase chances of the maintenance of erection, it would also ensure safety of the act. Often, people skip the condom for fear of losing some pleasure in the time they slip on a condom but what could be more effective is you could just add more spice into wearing a condom itself?

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