Hypnotic Childbirths For a Healthier Mother and Baby

Medicine has helped humankind in attaining and maintaining optimum health. Unfortunately introducing new substances even in a healthy body has its effects. Medication assisted deliveries have been criticized due to the use of drugs. Nowadays it’s not common for mothers to utilize hypnotic childbirths for a healthier baby.

Before ether was discovered women have been giving birth the natural way. Even though its developments resulted to the anesthesia some women still preferred the natural process of giving birth. It became prevalent in the sixties and the seventies. Now it’s 坐月中心 resurfacing as a safer method in giving birth.

Medical interventions had been found to cause undesirable effects on the mother and the baby. Drugs that were used during delivery have side effects that pose a threat to the mother and the child. The analgesic and anesthesia used can complicate the delivery of the baby.

Narcotics such as Demerol and Stadol cause respiratory depression on the mother and the child. Nubain sedates the baby when it is born causing low APGAR scores.

Epidurals can prolong the delivery process. This can lead to a more complicated medical intervention. A cesarean section is an expensive major abdominal surgery. It weakens the uterine walls of the mother which may rupture on her succeeding pregnancies. It can also lead to a vacuum extraction or forcep delivery. Vacuum extraction may cause hemorrhage which is fatal for the child. During a forcep delivery, a surgical instrument will be used to extract the baby out of the birth canal. Forceps can leave marks on your baby’s head which he/she will carry until adulthood.

Hypnosis during childbirth

In response to the increasing rate of natural childbirth, a hypnotic technique was created to help the mother have a painless and peaceful delivery. It is one of the pain management methods used during a natural childbirth.

To some having a painless delivery without medication is impossible. How is hypnosis going to help during those painful contractions? Medicated assisted delivery has been the standard way of giving birth.

In our culture we have been conditioned to regard childbirth as a very painful process. We see it on television and movies. We hear it from personal accounts from family and friends. As we grow up we expect childbirth to be painful, which is one of the reasons why it is.

Hypnosis during childbirth is not like what you see on the television or the movies. Mothers will not go through a trance state. This will not help the baby get out. If the mother’s mind is wandering or staring into space who’s going to push the baby out?

There have been many misconceptions about hypnosis. More often than not it is associated with some magic trick to control another person. Television shows have demonstrated to us that it’s used to humiliate another person. Anyone can also be hypnotized. Contrary to popular belief strong minded individuals are actually easier to hypnotize.

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