Go East, Young Entrepreneur, Go East! The Money Is There

Though Asia and the Orient are considered to be West of
North America, they long ago acquired the descriptive term,
The Far East. Without going into a lot of deep research, my
guess is that since England, in it’s colonial expansion
centuries ago, had many ships sailing to those areas, the
concept of Far East made sense. They got there by sailing
around the tip of South Africa, proceeding east from there.
And by sail, that must have indeed seemed a very far voyage


China is currently very big in the daily news and likely to
remain so. Its huge population, rapid economic growth and
burgeoning military presence all claim a lot of media
attention. Much of that media is specifically investment
oriented and billions of dollars are being invested there.
That situation is going to expand in the future.

But what about investments reversing direction?


Hong Kong, for instance, has been a major financial center
for over 100 years. And since China has regained control of
it from the British in 1999, its influence in the Far East has
grown still further. And lately, with the onset of the EU and
other countries destroying any form of bank secrecy, more
billions of dollars have been heading for Hong Kong and
other Far East financial centers. As well, Asian millionaires
and billionaires, which is a fast-growing segment, are
choosing to place many of their investments “offshore”
(outside of China) for tax reasons, much as their Western
counterparts have been doing for the last generation or two.

My point?

Virtually every Canadian and US entrpreneur is already
delivering his business plans to Angel Investors and
Venture Capitalists located in those vr education two countries. And only
about one in 10,000 of those submissions is likely to be
funded. Doesn’t it make entrepreneurial sense to look
elsewhere, even if also submitting to those sources? Don’t
creative entrepreneurs keep their eyes open for unusual
opportunities to benefit their projects?


If you’re a serious entrepreneur with a great package, a
question you must ask yourself is: What do I know about
finding funding? If you’re honest with yourself, the answer
will probably be: “Next to nothng.” Or: “Not any more than
most other entrepreneurs out there.” With that sort of reality
check, shouldn’t you also be looking for some help?

There are many financial services and consultants to be
found on the net. Beware, however, since many of them will
make the most fantastic promises, assure you that they can
get you the funding. They will also ask you for up front
monies. If you happen into any of those, run, do not walk, to
the nearest exit.

Unless you’re asking them to do you some specific service,
such as rewriting your executive summary or business plan,
do NOT pay out a any fees.

However, if you feel they are very good and want to meet with
them for further due diligence on their knowledge and
contacts, you will be responsible for their travel and living
expenses during the trip, including a per diem allowance to
cover food and transportation cost. If they’re really good at
what they do, it’s money well spent.

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