Three Great Ways to Promote Through Custom T-Shirts

Promotion is a form of communication with the public in an effort to influence them to buy a product, attend an event or support a cause. Promotion is widely used by companies and organization to get their name or message “out there”. The wide use of promotion creates competition over which message the public will hear comme des garcons shirt and in-turn be influenced by. This is where it helps to be creative in promotional marketing and use products that will stand out. Some classic promotional products include coffee mugs, pens, key chains and t-shirts. T-shirts are unique because of their large area for custom printed logos and customizable features that provide a great canvas in which to be creative. Here is a list of three ways to promote using custom printed t-shirts.

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Corporate Promotion: Corporations promote to sell a product or services and t-shirts can help accomplish this goal. T-shirts can be used at corporate events with the logo of the company printed on the front or back. Many choose to put their slogan on the t-shirt as well to convey an even greater message to their potential customers. Corporate t-shirt marketing is very popular, many choose to have their logo custom printed on t-shirts that match their company colors. Corporate t-shirts can be sold in company gift shops or given away at events. T-shirts have often been referred to as walking billboards because of the great exposure they provide.

Awareness Promotion: For those looking to get the word out about a cause, what better way than with promotional t-shirts? T-shirts receive great exposure and are ideal marketing tools for grassroots campaigns. Putting a message on the front of a t-shirt with the organization on the back of the shirt is premium exposure for any cause. Many popular causes have spread their messages through promotional t-shirt marketing. Handing out these t-shirts for free or charging money for them that will be donated for a cause is a great way to spread the word and get the public involved. T-shirts can also be produced that are environmentally friendly if the awareness being spread concerns the environment.

Event Promotion: T-shirts work well for promoting events. Not only can a t-shirt get the general public to be aware of an event, if the event is annual, the t-shirt will serve as an advertisement for the next year as well. Promotional t-shirts can be sold or handed out leading up to the event and be distributed during the event as a form of memorabilia. T-shirts are often used for promoting events because of how rapidly they spread the message, as events are time sensitive.

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