Finding a Great Psychologist – What Does It Take?

If you have ever needed or been to see a psychologist, you know that great psychologists are a rare find. When you find one, though, it is a glorious day! It is not that there are no good psychologists. There are plenty of good and reputable psychologists and many of them become or already are great psychologists for others. What makes a great psychologist? Simply put, one whose personality meshes with their clients’ personalities, creating a working and healthy relationship and who can produce the most positive results in returning their clients to a happy, balanced and healthy state.

Finding a great psychologist takes more than a hit and miss search in the phone book or online. It is more than getting lucky by stumbling across him or her either. What it takes to find one is dedication, hard work, searching for him or her and searching for yourself as well.

Sometimes, finding your great psychologist can take several trial runs. How many different counselors, therapists or psychologists have you seen? How many would you recommend? How 焦慮症治療 many would you consider seeing again? My list is not so long. In fact, I could narrow it down to two. Through the course of my life, I have seen eight different psychologists, not including various other mental health professionals. And my list of great psychologists only has two of them.

When looking, consider these questions:

  • Does he or she specialize in my specific mental health issues?
  • Is he or she available outside the office and on weekends for emergencies?
  • Is his or her practice covered by your insurance? (This may seem so important, but when you have to pay out-of-pocket and/or cannot afford the therapy, there may subconscious animosity you feel toward the professional.)
  • Where is his or her office located? (If you need an emergency appointment, this can be crucial.)

It may be a good idea to visit briefly with a psychologist you are considering seeing. First impressions are usually correct. Even speaking with him or her on the telephone can give you a good idea of whether he or she will be right for you.

Where do you begin? You have some questions to consider already, but where do you look? Online resources and specialty directories can help you find psychologists in your area with the expertise you are seeking. Location is important when it comes down to it. Consider a big city like New York. Finding a great psychologist there is like finding a needle in a haystack. Online directories can help narrow down your list based on location and specialty. Some even provide personal notes from psychologists

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