It’s Moving Season – Are You Organized?

If you, like many others, want to move during the busy moving season of spring and summer Moving company amsterdam, you need to begin planning your move early, months ahead if at all possible. Waiting until the last minute to book a moving company narrows your choices considerably – and do you really want to book the movers that no one else would hire?

Every year, come springtime, it seems that people get itchy feet. After a long winter of being cooped up inside we all want to get out and stretch our legs, see and do new stuff. For some this might mean a new haircut or a wardrobe improvement session (a little retail therapy, you know!), but for others it means packing up and moving to a new home.

It’s not all about spring fever though, there are numerous reasons that people choose to relocate at this time of year. One of the more obvious ones, especially here in Canada, is the weather. Who wants to move across Saskatchewan in February, when you could be sidelined by blizzard conditions? Even if the weather cooperates, it’s still much more pleasant to be moving during warmer months.

For families with school aged children, moving during the summer break means an easier transition for the kids if they need to change schools. It’s tough enough being the new kid without having to adjust to a change in curriculum mid-term.

Plenty of folks prefer to take their vacation during the summer, and work their relocation into their scheduled time away from work.

All these factors result in a lot of business for moving companies, so if you are among the crowd that wishes to move during the busy moving season I have one piece of advice for you;

Reliable moving companies can book up solid months in advance of moving season. If you have a small shipment (like a student moving from home for school or a single person living in a small apartment or condo) you might be able to squeeze in somewhere, but a large household with multiple rooms full of furniture, childrens things and years of accumulated stuff will require an entire moving truck to yourself (or more) which could be difficult to arrange on short notice at any time of the year and especially during the busy moving season.

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