Dianabol Review – An Overview of the Popular Supplement

Dianabol, also referred to as methandrenone or methandrostenone and most commonly sold under the trade name Dianabol amongst many others, is a synthetic androsterone hormone drug that’s still very popular for its effectiveness and affordability in bodybuilding and weight loss cycles. It has been around the competitive bodybuilding scene for quite some time, but until recently was not available over the counter in the US. That’s all changed now. Currently, Dianabol is available for purchase online and is one of the most effective and affordable hormones in the market today.

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Dianabol is the first and only FDA approved (FDA: Food and Drug Administration of United States) all inorganic steroids that inhibits the process of protein synthesis dianabol (the breaking down of proteins into their amino acid state). Protein synthesis is critical to the continued growth and repair of muscles after intense training. Without this the muscle fiber will die and no amount of pumping iron will ever bring them back. The key function of Dianabol is to inhibit protein synthesis so you can get more reps of fat-burning exercises and generate more growth hormone (HGH), without the accompanying side effects like negative nitrogen retention, water retention and kidney damage. These are some of the dangers associated with taking inorganic steroids.

For those not familiar with Dianabol, here’s a quick breakdown of the core ingredients. This includes carnitine (Carnitine Chelate), stearine (Stearic Acid) and arginine (Arginine Glycan). All of these are used to block the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and prevent further breakdown of the muscle tissues after intense exercise. With this in mind, the manufacturers of Dianabol have added ingredients to their formula to aide in the development of these much needed chemicals that help the body produce HGH (human growth hormone), increase amino acid Synthesis (S-Adenosylmethionine), increase metabolism and create new muscle tissues. These are some of the typical benefits derived from the use of Dianabol.

Now let’s take a look at the claim that this product contains herbal extracts proven to induce the body to produce HGH. In all actuality, the manufacturers of d-bal claim that it contains compounds such as Yohimbe, which is the active ingredient found in Ephedra. However, the FDA has actually deemed ephedra as a dangerous substance, and since it is not approved by the FDA for consumer use, we will have to rely on other means. In fact, the FDA itself has stated that it is “considered to be a drug rather than a dietary supplement.”

HGH or Human Growth Hormone has recently become very important to professional athletes across the world. It is believed that it helps speed up recovery time of athletes who sustain injuries. But for bodybuilders who are looking to improve their physique, HGH has been seen as something more. With the aid of dianabol, bodybuilders can intensify their training, make more muscles and lose fat more efficiently. With increased mass, you also have the added benefit of better overall fitness and strength.

When compared to other weightlifting supplements, dianabol ranks pretty high in terms of popularity. Some top bodybuilders even swear by it. With that being said, you should still be cautious. You should consult your doctor before taking anything new. As a side note, there are no known side effects when using this product, so you can safely consider it as an all-natural alternative to steroids.

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