Information On UK Limited Company Formation

If you are going to start a limited company in the UK, you have to follow some rules and regulations. Though it will not take you long time to get over with all the formalities, you cannot skip any of them. Most of them are important and have a legal connection. So, you cannot do without them. Here are some of these rules discussed in detail.

First of all, you will have to decide the name for the limited company you are going to form. Here is a small tip to help you out in choosing the name of the company. Companies House in the UK has a list of all the companies already registered with them. So, you can browse their database to check if the name you want is available, or if it has already been taken by another company. You can do this online by company secretarial hong kong logging on to the Website of Companies House.

Another important thing related to the naming of the company is that the word “limited” should be there. The word may be in the abbreviated form. The next important thing about a UK limited company formation is that it should be registered with the Companies House. In this regard, you will reed a registered office. This office is basically an address where all your official mails will be sent. The registered office should be at places that are legally valid for the purpose.

You will need at least two people to work as officers of the company. One will be the company secretary while the other person will be the director of the company. If you want, the company secretary can work as one of the directors as well. But you cannot do so if you have a single director. There are a few minor formalities that are involved in a UK limited company formation process.

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