How Exactly Does a 50w LED Flood Light Help You Save Money?

For over a century, man has been almost fully dependent on incandescent bulbs. Surely, they have served us faithfully for a long time but with the growth of better technology, they have turned more or less obsolescent. In fact, some nations have also passed legislations asking the consumers and industrialists to use greener led bulbs in place of the familiar but non-green incandescent ones. So, we are seeing a drastic move from these tried and tested products to the new led flood light bulbs. Despite the fact that incandescent lights have been there with us for around 130 years, they are no longer fit enough to compete with the new spate of bulbs which are not only green but also cost-saving.

So, how exactly can a 50w led flood light help you to cut down on your billing expenses?

The direct curb on billing can be seen from the number of watt which the bulb consumes. An incandescent bulb of higher lumen (high enough to illuminate a bay or a street or a yard) would be close to 200 or 250 watt. But the same amount of brightness can be given out by a led which consumes only 50 watts of power. This simply light therapy equipment means that both the bulbs offer the same brightness though they do so at differing consumptions of power. Quite clearly, a 250w incandescent bulb consumes five times more power than a 50w led flood light even though both of them give off nearly the same units of lumens. So, the consumer gets to save as much as five times on his power bills. The result is discernible in your monthly bills and quite starkly visible in your annual bills.

The second method by which a consumer saves money is through heightened life of the bulb. The old and nearly outdated incandescent bulbs last for less number of hours. They serve for a reasonable period of time and then burn out. This phenomenon of burning out is something absent in case of a led high bay light. In contrast, these diode-dependent lights suffer from the depreciation of the lumen which is more gradual. So, their shelf life is naturally towards the higher side. They are sold with the promise of running for close to twenty years, something deemed impossible for the conventional incandescent bulbs. If looked after well, these LEDs can easily run for more than twenty years, though it also depends on the number of hours for which they are put to use per year.

In other less ambiguous terms, one can say that led flood light bulbs can run for 20,000 hours and some of the more durable ones have enough endurance to run till 50,000 hours. Even though such claims seem practically improbable and implausible, they are nevertheless not unrighteous. Take a few years here and there, and they basically serve you for more number of years than any of their predecessors.

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