Online Scheduler Calendar Creates a ‘Green’ Dock-Scheduling Process for Distributors, Manufacturers

An important part of the logistics supply chain for distributors, manufacturers, warehouses and other facilities that routinely receive inbound shipments of goods, products and supplies is the delivery and dock-scheduling process. While some facilities take a “first-come, first-serve” approach and don’t require scheduled delivery times for their carriers and drivers, the majority realize the importance of having some type of system in place that gets trucks in and out of their docking bays quickly and minimize waiting times and lines, all of which can lessen the time trucks are left idling and releasing emissions into the atmosphere. It also reduces the burden on staff that are unaware of when the next delivery might occur.

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However, some still rely on more traditional scheduling methods for managing their inbound shipments, such as booking delivery times over the phone and recording them in a paper appointment book situs slot online. This process is oftentimes inefficient and can still result in late or missed delivery times, continued long lines and extra responsibility for dispatchers and staff.

To get a sense of what an online scheduler calendar is, just think of online banking, Facebook or e-mail. It’s the same premise, as online scheduler calendar software is accessed and utilized online in much the same way as the aforementioned examples. In fact, all that’s required to implement the software is an Internet connection, something almost all of us have these days. There’re no installations, downloads or additional hardware required to use most systems. Additionally, the service provider offering the online scheduler calendar typically oversees all maintenance of the software, so the distributor, manufacturer, warehouse or other facility need not worry about internal or external IT support to manage the system, which will normally be securely housed on an external server.

Now, on to the functionality, which can have a tremendous impact in how a facility manages its inbound shipments. Although features do vary among the many service providers, most offer the following:

This feature alone can automate and streamline the entire delivery process, as shipments no longer need to be scheduled over the phone, by fax or by e-mail. The inbound facilities simply provide their carriers and drivers with unique URL of their scheduler or instruct them to go to their Web site or portal and click on a “Book Now” or “Schedule Now” button. Once on the online scheduler calendar, they can view available docks and delivery times, and then select and book their desired slot.

Not only does online self-scheduling offer a convenient way for drivers and carriers to schedule their deliveries at any hour of the day-and not just during facility hours-but it also improves internal processes at the dock. Receptionists and support staff will be freed up from making and answering phone calls and sending e-mails to focus on more important tasks. Additionally, dock staff will now know in advance when shipments will arrive and can quickly look up daily delivery schedules.

The benefits of an online scheduler calendar stretch behind the inbound facility and carrier. It can also be beneficial to the environment, especially when it eliminates wait periods and long lines of idling trucks, which release emissions into the air. A proven scheduling system will help carriers get their shipments in and out fast, as they’ll have a specified delivery time and not wait their turn in line with their engines running. A busy operation could receive hundreds of deliveries each week, contributing to a significant amount of engine emission. Streamlining the dock-scheduling process with an online scheduler calendar lets a facility handle these deliveries most effectively and with less harm to the environment.

As you can see, an online scheduler calendar has an important place in the delivery and dock-scheduling world. Most applications are affordable and can be customized to fit into any operation, regardless of size. And many scheduling providers offer a free trial of their service so that facilities can get a feel of the software and a preview of all of the features it offers. Throw out that clipboard and paper appointment schedule and let an online scheduler calendar improve your delivery processes!

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