Vegas On A Budget – It Can Be Done!

Las Vegas, the vacation destination with bright lights, flashy shows and never ending action. Many believe that the only way to have a great Vegas vacation is to spend a lot of money. True, many people go to Las Vegas to gamble and part with their money playing games of chance. But just as many make the trip for the fabulous food, shows, and fun! So how can you have a great trip to Las Vegas without breaking the bank? It is easy – just follow these tips!

Don’t stay on the strip. The strip is where you will find the hottest shows and all types of great entertainment. It is also where you will find most of the people! The large hotels along the strip know this is where people want to be and so room rates here are fairly บาคาร่า high. True, you may be able to find a package deal or a special, but most of the time you will be paying a far higher rate for these hotels. You can find many clean and well maintained hotels that are a few blocks or miles away that have rates that are less than half of the price of the strip. Never fear, you will still have access to all the action. Most of these lower rate hotels have shuttles that will take you right to the heart of the action and bring you back when you have had your fill of fun.

Join players clubs. Even if you don’t plan to gamble, take advantage of the casino players clubs. With these clubs, you can get discounts on food, shows, and more! Most are free to join so make sure you sign up even if you aren’t going to drop a nickel in a slot machine.

Buy half price show tickets. There is no reason to pay full price for a Vegas show. You can buy tickets for almost any show you want to see for half price at the Half-Price Shows booths spread along the strip. You can get great seats for incredible discount prices. Most tickets are for that day or the next so be spontaneous and flexible. If you want to see Donny & Marie, you will want to buy those tickets in advance online or through your hotel. They are usually not available at the half price booths.

Think outside the box for entertainment. You don’t have to buy tickets to a big show to be entertained in Las Vegas. There is plenty of free entertainment all over. From street performers on the strip to wonderful art galleries in the luxury hotels. You can have a great time without hitting the expensive entertainment. Sometimes just watching people is entertaining on its own!

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