Free Advertising on the Internet

Business owners and entrepreneurs know that success breeds success. When you surround yourself by successful people and do what they do, you increase your chances of being successful backpage classified advertising. You become almost successful by association yourself. And what do these business owners have in common? They all use the Internet! There is a saying that goes: “If you’re not online, you’re out of business”. This couldn’t be more true, especially today. I remember back in the early 1990’s ( I was like 8 years old haha) people were considered “special” if they had a website. Now, if you don’t have one, customers will look at you like you’re from the stone age.

The Internet has EASILY replace costly newspaper advertising. Newspaper ads these days can cost upwards of $200.00 for one 4 or 5-line ad! Ridiculous, being as how less and less people are using them. There are so many FREE mortgage marketing and real estate marketing resources online, who WOULDN”T want to use them?!?! You’ve got articles sites, blogs, forums, the list just goes on.

One reason the internet is such an effective marketing tool is your ad contains a hyperlink to your website. So, when people read your classified ad, they can immediately go to your website to learn more. Newspapers do not have this luxury. The customer cannot instantly click to get more information. They have to physically pick up the telephone and call, or boot up their computer to email you, NOT cool at all! Convenience goes a VERY long way when you are any type of business owner. People enjoy a pain-free experience.

There are many internet classified sites where you can post free classified ads. The idea is to use sites that show up on the first page of Google when people are searching for your product or service. The hottest classified sites today are Craigslist, BackPage, Kijiji (owned by eBay) and Hoobly You can find many more sites just by doing a Google search for “free classifieds.” You will literally get TONS and TONS of search results when you do this. You can even make your own mine websites on Wetpaint and Weebly. Forums are also totally FREE to join, and are great places for mortgage and real estate marketing. Or type in “mortgage lead generation” and see what comes up. TONS of free resources right before your eyes!

Post as many classified ads as the site allows. Change the headings to use different keywords and market areas that you service. Experiment with your working in different ads, and track which ones pull the best. An easy way to do this is with Google Analytics. You need to track your marketing efforts in order to make any progress, other wise you’re just spinning in circles.

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