New Nursing Programs for Today’s Modern Nurses

Surprisingly, though Nursing is considered one of the more reliable fields to enter into in Today’s working world, and although Nursing in general tends to be fairly lucrative profession for both men and women, there almost always seems to be a nursing shortage somewhere in America as well as on other continents.

This shortage of professional-grade nurses – both practical LPN nurses and registered RN nurses – may be due to the intensity of study required, the hours of hospital floor duty that must accompany a degree in Nursing, as well as the overall rigorous demands of the nursing profession. After all, nurses not only assist doctors on hospital floors and in surgical procedures but must be schooled in medicines, disease symptoms, Triage procedures, first aid, anatomy and physiology, as well as psychology and even some counseling procedures. Nurses, in the end, make the hospitals and emergency rooms function, and a good nurse is like the oil that keeps the wheel turning smoothly without squeaking.

It’s no surprise then that new nursing programs pop-up at various times on college campuses across the land. With the demand for nurses always steady and sometimes even desperate, colleges and universities see fit to create programs that tap into this vast need and network of young students who are entering into this technical, medical and care-giving profession. However, just as in any other course of study, potential nursing students need to make sure they are getting a first-rate education at a college or university that truly understands the art and science of nursing and can pass that knowledge on to their students.

A few items for consideration for nurses-to-be as they begin to search for new nursing programs for today’s modern nurses are listed below.

  • Accreditation. Perhaps the most important initial consideration when choosing a nursing school or nursing program is the accreditation of the school/program. Every college or nursing homework university’s website should feature information on the accreditation of that school, and if you are not able to find it online then one must wonder what that school is trying to hide from potential students. Each state should have accredited the particular school where the program is located, and such organizations as the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the National League for Nursing should also have accredited the particular programs of nursing being taught. Don’t waste your time or money on schools without proper accreditation, as hospitals and even most doctors will not accept your credentials and employ you without the proper licensure, etc.
  • Reputation. With today’s access to the Internet, it’s easier than ever before to do some homework and find out what other nurses or former students of a university or college have to say about the nursing program there. Research before you enroll!

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