Full Time Job’s Salary by Just Playing Video Games All Day As Game Tester

This article is mainly meant for those who have a passion for video games. If you like playing video games, but think it is just wastage of time, well, I must say that you are totally wrong. There are companies which pay you huge money for playing F95zone video games and by that I don’t mean any ordinary video games. You will be playing video games which are yet to rock the gaming world. Be the first person to play it and also earn simultaneously. The professional name for these people is game tester as they are the one who tests a game for its user compatibility, so that it gets popular with masses quite easily.

The work which you have to do as a game tester is to analyze video games software defects. This is very important for any company because it is a part of quality control process in video game development. A single video game takes one to a maximum of three years to develop. Nowadays the leading gaming companies make billions of dollars from every game they launch. Lack of popularity of any game means lesser sale of it leading to huge loss of the company. So to make sure that the game produced does not have any bugs, testers are required.

You may be wondering why game testers are required. Can’t the programmers who gave birth to the actual game, test it? Well, practically they can’t. That is the difference between a programmer and a game tester. Programmers can never find those bugs which expert gamers will easily find out. If a company pays you $40 or $50 for every hour you play and you find out a serious setback of the game, which if launched, may lead to huge losses, then it is an excellent deal for both the company as well as the tester. This is the main reason why you are paid, just for playing video games which are yet to be launched.

There are various types of testing for any game. Localization testing is the basic of any testing as it just deals with the checking of language, spelling or any grammatical errors in the game. Beta testing is yet another type which simply points to any type of testing in the “beta” stage commonly known as the first stage of game development. After that is regression testing, which is done after a bug has been edited by the programmer. It is mainly done to check out if the bug still exists or not. Another type is compatibility testing in which the game is tested for its hardware mechanics viz; the basic requirements like RAM, hard disk space, processors and others. There is also testing which includes strict checking for bugs.

With the recent rapid development in the software sector, game testers are making it a professional job nowadays. Even in gaming companies’ hierarchy is there for testing department. The lowest is the testers or more formally ‘Analysts’ who tests the game. Above them are the assistant lead tester, lead tester, supervisor, manager and finally the Game producer. The hierarchy is done on the basis of experience. So start now and earn lots of money by just playing the latest video games…

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