How to Download Movie Rentals Directly to Your TV

With today’s advancements in technology it’s just a matter of time before the internet can completely replace DVD’s as the delivery method of choice for movie rentals. What you might not Kissanime know is that the ability to download movie rentals on demand is already being offered by some DVD rental companies. In this article, we will talk about who offers these cutting edge services and how you can legally download movies anytime at the click of a mouse using the web.

The rising costs of movie theater outings and a bumpy economy has lead more Americans to consider in-home entertainment in lieu of going out. Not only is is more convenient to stay at home, but you can save a bundle this way as well. The ability to download movie rentals gives customers the choice and flexibility to make the most out of their movie watching time.

There is one major player who offers popular feature films for streaming download to their members. This company is NetFlix and they made their debut almost a decade ago with their revolutionary dvd by mail rental service. Always an innovator, NetFlix has recently been hard at work building and releasing a working movie download on demand service that uses the internet and a separate device called the NetFlix player to stream movies right to your tv.

At this time, Netflix has over 10,000 movies and TV episodes available on their service for download. All of these are legally licensed, so you never have to fear winding up in trouble. The Netflix service that you must maintain to access these downloads is affordable enough for all budgets. The device that you need for this is called the Netflix player and it runs $99 at the time of this writing. The Netflix player is not like a DVR and contains no actual hard drive, so you are not able to store the movies that you download but just access them in real time with the standard stop, fast forward and rewind functions.

The only downside is that it is taking awhile for Netflix to release the newest movies to downloadable format. If you have a burning desire to watch this weeks newest release, you are going to have to do it the old fashioned way and have them send the DVD. As the service becomes more popular this will become less of an issue. Netflix is perfectly poised to expand this in to the ultimate destination to download movie rentals whenever you want right to your TV or home theater.

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