Tungsten Rings: Rings That Are Worth Having

Tungsten rings are very much used in many different ways. You may use them for everyday use, for proposals, for celebrations or even for the wedding itself gold tungsten rings. Moreover, these rings have varied designs where you could choose from. You could have the usual style tungsten wedding bands. There are concave, domed and faceted rings which you can choose. And there are even more intricate designs to choose from.

Lord of the Rings Golden Tungsten Ring High Polished

You may even decide what kind of ring you may want to have. For instance, there is a gold ring, black tungsten ring and even a Celtic tungsten wedding band. There are just too many kinds and designs of rings to choose from that it wouldn’t be hard choosing one in every celebration that you have.

Tungsten rings are not made of pure tungsten. This is true considering that even though tungsten may be strong; it is actually quite brittle when it is in its unprocessed state. This is where nickel comes along. When tungsten is combined with nickel, the results are stronger titanium rings than what you could ever imagine. The product of combining both is a metal which is durable than titanium four times. And thus they could be good tungsten wedding bands to have.

Many people ask why they should buy a nickel-improved ring when they could have a cobalt one which is a lot cheaper but would also look similar. Though it is true that there are cobalt-made rings, which are a lot cheaper than the usual one, the quality of the cobalt ones is not that high, and you would probably be pissed off using the said rings in the long run. As compared to tungsten, cobalt-made ones are prone to scratches unlike that of tungsten and tungsten wedding bands. Moreover, what is recognizable when using cobalt rings is that it has a certain reaction with the skin and causes the part of the skin where you wore the ring to have a specific discoloration.

But how would you actually know if they are tungsten, which are made with nickel and not the cobalt ones? Naturally, the first thing that you would notice about, that is their prices. They have high prices close to that of gold rings.

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