What Wins When Choosing a Watch: Style or Practicality?

There are two reasons why watches are still very popular even when most people carry a mobile phone with them to tell the time: they are stylish and they are highly practical. But which of the two is most important for you?

Watches such as Police watches, One watches and Kenneth Cole watches are often used to make a statement as well as for their practical purposes, and this article looks at some of the situations when you might want to choose a watch based on style or practical reasons.

Choosing a Watch for Style Reasons

Everything you wear says something about you. The clothes that you wear, the brands, the colours, the styles, your jewellery, the types of shoes you wear, the bag you carry – and a watch is no different.

Watches can be a fantastic way to make a statement, especially if you choose well-known makes such as Ice watches and Armani Exchange watches. When you wear a watch such as this it instantly says something about you. This might be important for you when you head to a social event and you want to make an impression. Or perhaps you are involved in an important business meeting and casio databank watches want your associates to treat you more seriously.

A watch is a great way to subtly give a message to those around you without making it too obvious. Little decisions such as whether you choose to wear a large, bold watch or a small, petite watch, a silver or leather strap, something ultra modern or something classic and traditional, will always say something different about you.

Choosing a Watch for Practical Reasons

A watch is also a highly practical piece of equipment. Not only can you use it to tell the time with easy access wherever you are without having to take out a phone, but many watches, including those from high-quality makes like Citizen watches and Diesel watches, often come with lots of extra features including alarms, calculators, timers and stop watches to make them even more useful. So if practicality is more important to you than style then you will still be able to find your perfect watch.

One time when you may want to use your watch for purely practical reasons is when you partake in a sports activity. Some watches are made for sports, such as Adidas watches, Casio watches and Rotary Divers watches. Other watches are built to be solid, waterproof, durable and made to last which makes them particularly practical and ideal for use during sports and any other activities where such features can come in handy.

Practical and Stylish in One Model

Although some watches are built purely for reasons of style and some are built with practical reasons in mind, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have the best of both worlds. Many of the best makes of watches including DKNY watches and Philipe Starck watches provide models which are both practical and stylish so that you can use them to make the right impression even when it is still performing a practical function.


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