How to Transfer a Domain Name Registered With Google to a GoDaddy Account

This information will show you just how to transfer a Google documented domain to GoDaddy. I found it acutely irritating that there are no good recommendations out there about just how to transfer a domain you documented with Google (most likely whenever you registered for a Blogger account) around to a different Registrar GoDaddy email login. This method has a several measures and will most likely take you a few days to finish, but stay with me and we’ll complete it together.

The very first thing you will need to do is have an consideration at a registrar where you need your Google domain to be transferred to. I’ve been using permanently, and I’ve never had any issues together, so if I can suggest them for the domain joining needs. Typically it just costs $7.00 to transfer a domain name, and you get one more year of registration for free.

Given that you’ve your consideration set up there, sign in and go to the top “Domains” dropdown tab and select “Move Domains to GoDaddy” ;.Type the domain name you wish to transfer from Google in the package and select “Go” ;.If the domain name is available for transfer, click “Go to Checkout” ;.Keep on through the checkout process and pay for the transfer. You’ll obtain a few messages from GD, one that would contain transfer limitations for the domain, so don’t garbage these!

In the next phase, you’ve to get involved with it with the good folks over at Google. Whenever you obtain a domain name through the huge “G”, your domain name is in fact being managed by or (Yeah, get figure), but for whatever reason it’s extremely difficult to get access to your own domain name.

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