The Thing About Business Owners and Blogging

Creating a blog requires patience, hard work, and commitment. You should give time to update your blog on a regular basis. But that is just one of the tasks that you have to perform to prevail and get found in the fierce world of online business marketing. Below are some hits and tips that you can employ to get found and become a celebrity with a good blog and an even better online following in just a snap:

If you’ve got a Twitter account, go Tweet! Use Twitter as a means to become an online business marketing celebrity by publishing RSS feeds, comments, and other business news via Tweets It helps you build a great network that both engages and absorbs you and your fellows, with the added benefit of the ease and convenience it offers. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social networking sites today. Linking your business blog to these sites not only ensure that you get found quicker, but it also allows you free-range of interaction with your customers. Keeping tabs on your stocks, client feedback, and other news is easier and more accessible too!

Purchase relevant domain sites such,.net, and other sites with the use of satellite site creation. Mirror sites can also be made to custom-fit a local region, area, or dialect of your choice, provided that they should always have a link to your landing pages. Make sure that your mirror sites possess the same in-depth features and content as your main site. With regards to increasing inbound traffic, create new domain names for every new product you release.

Mobile phones nowadays have the feature of connecting online. If you own such a phone, then use it as best you can to keep in touch with your company while on the go. Updates, feedback, replies, everything can now be done at the palm of your hand. It’s simple really. Just create an RSS feed which will enable you to receive, post, and edit content from your blogs while on a trip or simply chillin’ out.

A good tip to get that instant celebrity status and get found easily is to incorporate keywords into your posts. Use both obvious, long-tail, and uncommon keywords in your blog posts, since in SEO or Search Engine Optimization, one should readily anticipate the unexpected.

Always keep your blog content updated. Tidy up your blog every now and then by archiving needless content and adding new ones. You can even modify or recycle old content so you won’t have to start from scratch when at a loss for ideas. The key is to keep your site fresh and inviting. Since contents tend to hold inbound links, don’t delete them. Archive them instead for future use!

I won’t exactly come across as a visionary if I point out the real estate has been in the slumps for the past few years. By the way, just in case you missed it, water is wet. Now that I’m done stating the obvious, it’s time to start digging through some of the recent numbers that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has been kicking out regarding the future of our industry. What they mean to the industry is sometimes not that obvious.

Let me start by pointing out that recent NAR missives are pointing at an increase in residential and commercial property sales. While this is certainly good news, it’s also that time of the year. While we can all certainly hope that this continues to trend upward, at present it looks like it’s going to do so slowly and considering the glut of inventory currently in market it could be a while before we start hearing any good numbers about new housing starts. That said, getting better is better than getting worse. Unfortunately, what these trends mean for real estate professionals who are currently in the trenches is uncertain.

Part of the good news is that the competition among Realtors who buy and sell houses has improved greatly due to a sharp decline in the number of licensed Realtors talking them on. According to various numbers released by the NAR and others, in 2006 there are approximately 1.4 million NAR members. I have also seen estimates as high as 2.6 million licensed realtors for that period of time. Today, again according to the NAR, that number is under 1 million.

According to the 2011 NAR member profile poll, while things are looking up a bit, Realtors really are working harder and making less. In fact, the median income of an average realtor dropped 4.5% last year to $34,100. This was preceded by a 3% decline in 2009. Those members who list themselves as broker/Realtors earned a median salary of $48,700 while sales agents earned an average of $24,900 in 2010. Even more disproportionate is that NAR members who’ve been in the business for two years or less earned a median income of $8,900 while those who’ve been in the business for 16 years or more earned $47,100. While good news for those agents who stick it out year after year, this raises a red flag not only for the challenges that new broker/Realtor’s face in entering this market but also is going to create a generational gap between home buyers and the professional Realtors there to help them.

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